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Rare Opportunity to Take Advantage of the Eclipses

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We live in a world that is going through lots of wounded shake-ups,
which makes me grateful to be able to bring you healthy tools and opportunities
that are grounded, reliable and self-empowering–such as the one I am sending with this email.
It has been a wacky time for me and for my clients in recent months. As one example,
I came outside the day after July 4th to find that my Camaro had been literally
blown up by an M80 firecracker thrown into my gas tank as a prank!
Even though this was challenging to discover, it was helpful to remember this:
the whole planet is experiencing unprecedented and surprising change. Quite often
these shifts in the status quo–both large and small–are attempting to encourage us
into new situations and potentials that will serve us more fully. One of the ways
our souls can best move us forward is by creating interruptions and shake-ups
the things that no longer serve us.
It just so happens I had just been thinking that having a car with rear wheel drive
was not going to work well for me in the upcoming winter months. You see, I just
moved to a new location in the mountains, and will now have snow. Though this
was a rather dramatic interruption, it did open the door for something better–
my insurance enabled me to get a car with 4-wheel drive that will be much safer
in my new environment.

2017 has been full of interruptions and shake-ups for lots of people, and many things
are being revealed that are clearly out of balance and no longer serving us
with key examples in our governments and world systems.

Many people have been asking me, “What can we do?”
This is an important question to ask, because we all need to become more proactive
in our individual lives. One thing we can all do is learn HOW TO ALIGN and
WORK WITH the shifts that are taking place.
And there just happens to be
an awesome opportunity to do just that in August!
You may have heard that there is a powerful eclipse season coming.
What you may not know is that eclipses are famous for creating interruptions
of the familiar… and they provide a distinct chance to set some specific new intentions.
There will first be a lunar eclipse on August 7 and then a rare full solar eclipse
that will go across the entire face of the United States on Monday, August 21.
For this 14-day event, there is an awesome, completely FREE opportunity
being offered by
Astrology Hub.
There will be a different teacher EACH day who offers a Free Class and
Guided Meditation,
so that you can take advantage of these transformational
energies! Click here to watch the Intro Video and find out more details about the event.
I am very pleased to share that I will be one of the teacherssharing
my piece of the puzzle on Saturday, August 12.
I thank you for continuing to be a part of the community at Empowered At Last
(formerly called Children of Light). I look forward to bringing you more helpful tools
and more empowering information that will allow you to make this the most
fulfilling time of enhancements you have ever known.
Sending love to you all…

An Important Tribute on Father’s Day (1933 – 2016)

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If you had asked me a few years ago about my relationship with my father, I would have likely told you about some of the unresolved wounding and missing needs that were the challenges we faced…

However, this tribute has such a meaningful ending. In the last years, we were able to work through so many things, express so many feelings and get to a place of mutual love and respect that was surprising and inspirational.

IMG_0670Many of you may remember that in January, my father had his right leg removed. Because of how he responded, there was tremendous healing that took place–even in the face of what logically seemed like a tragic event. It was a great reminder that we always have a choice about what we do with the specific things that are taking place in our lives.

Gratefully, my father turned that tremendous challenge into a powerful opportunity to learn more about truly showing up, opening to receive and to trust others more fully. Ultimately our dad became in inspiration to all of us, unlike anything we had experienced with him prior.

My two sisters and I all showed up to play our parts in the healing as well. Then, since January, Dad has been operating independently, getting himself everywhere he needed to be in his power chair. These are two photos of him continuing to do the things he loved–gardening being one of his favorites–and these are pictures from just a few weeks ago.


It is not always clear what our souls have planned for our journeys. We can only choose to show up and make the most of each day, each lesson, each challenge and each opportunity. I would like to believe that the most important reason for all that we go through is simply to provide ways for us to learn how to love ourselves and one another, going through each step together.

And that is exactly what my dad spent his last few years doing, more than ever.

Even in his last day he made sure to be quite clear about making amends, reaching out to people he loved, making sure we were clear about what he wanted and needed, in order to create closure with his life.

Then he prayed that God would take him home…
And today, on Father’s Day, that is exactly what has happened.

My father is now with the angels and loved ones who have gone before him. We are relieved for how our lives and journeys have been enhanced, challenged and inspired because of our time with him–particularly in the last few years.

In closing, I encourage you all to use his courageous example… to remember that is NEVER too late to communicate with those you love, to work through the challenges that we all face, using each thing to learn how to give and receive, to share with honesty (particularly the challenges), so that you can create more healing and resolution in your lives.

I know that would make my dad quite happy to know that he has in some way touched you with his new-found inspiration.

And remember to love and value your father. Keep in mind that we can only do better when there is a safe place to have a learning curve WITH one another.

Blessings to you all…

The Power of Eclipses

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solar eclipseHello.

My goal in sharing here is to approach as many different perspectives that allow you to make informed choices that set you up well as possible.

We live in a world glutted by information these days… and so I believe it is important that we seek out information that allows us to actually transform our lives, shifting from fear, defense and separation into freedom, meaning and value. I am thrilled to have made such powerful, consistent shifts in my own life, and continue to do just that. And I am thrilled that the tools and perspectives that I share with my clients also empower each one to make powerful, consistent shifts in their lives as well.

Today (March 8 into March 9) we shift to a subject that I haven’t introduced before… the power of cycles and moves in the heavens around us. Whether you are into astrology and the movements of planets, those shifts are still taking place and have an energetic impact in all our lives.

Today we are having a powerful convergence called a solar eclipse. It just happens to be a new moon solar eclipse and the impact is likely going to be a powerful one in our world. And so I want to help you become a bit more informed about eclipses and how they work.

There are two types of eclipses. One is a solar eclipse, when the moon comes directly between the sun and the Earth, blocking out the energy and light from the sun for a brief time. Then there is a lunar eclipse, when the Earth comes directly between the sun and the moon, which blocks the light from the sun from reflecting off of the moon for a brief time.

A solar eclipse is an interruption in the energy of our mental bodies. And a lunar eclipse is an interruption in our emotional bodies.

Today’s new moon solar eclipse is interrupting the mental body and because it is a new moon that is involved, it involved a distinct stage in our emotional patterns as well.

This year of 2016 is a year very focused energetically on our dreams and visions… the specific things that we have decided are important in our individual lives. The energy is amping up, so that we are going to be able to more powerfully and immediately manifest whatever it is that we are committed to in our lives.

This eclipse is going to give a powerful boost to that vision… interrupting what has been and encouraging a boost of what we have decided to move toward in our lives. It is so important to understand that this will also involve what we have held in the subconscious (which includes our memories and decisions about life as it has occurred so far).

Therefore, it is so important to learn how to get in touch with the subconscious through an inner focus in our lives. This is the core of the work that I do with my clients… teaching them HOW to go inside in very safe and nurturing ways to release the pressure of charged feelings that we have likely buried along the way in our lives… so that we can release the fears that we have associated with those feelings. When we do, we become much freer to make the decisions of who we are in 2016 without the impact of our past sabotaging or coloring what we will allow ourselves to have or to manifest.

This solar eclipse is very much focused on boosting what we have in our visions, and releasing what no longer serves us. So look for clues in the coming weeks and months, about what you are clear no longer serves. This may also involve feelings coming up for no logical reason… which simply means they are rising up from the subconscious to be nurtured, expressed and released – relieving the pressure that they have held in your gut.

This can become a powerful time of enhancing transformation…

And so here is a practical suggestion for today:

Take a moment to get still, go inside and imagine the vision you have for your life. Be clear and be specific about what is important to you and why it is important. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you will have as this vision comes together for you. Go ahead and feel it NOW! 

Putting the energies out in very clear ways today, when we are in this opening from the eclipse… which will solidify over the coming two weeks… enhanced by the lunar eclipse that will take place on March 23. This is the doorway of your new vision to be focused on and clear.

If you have other questions about eclipses and the movements of energies that are taking place in our lives and in the world around us, please let me know.

For now… sending love your way.


The Power of the Nine Nurturing Needs

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Hopefully you have had a healthy start to 2016 and had plenty of reason to celebrate love in your life with the recent Valentine’s Day.
As I shared a few weeks back, my year started with “Unexpected Inspiration” from my father… who had to have his right leg amputated due to circulation complications. In my 24 days in the hospital with my dad, there was much opportunity for us to connect and share a very precious, vulnerable time for him.
The great news is that wonderful things can happen in times of crisis, as this can be a time when people open more fully than at any other time to receive the nurturing that they need.
This is exactly what happened for us!
I went through most of my childhood without my father acknowledging or addressing me even once. I do not remember a single conversation. This was devastating at the time, based on the fact that this was the time when I was meant to be receiving the Nine Nurturing Needs from my parents, my main caregivers.
I spent much of my life with this one core relationship as a big hole on the inside. I am happy to share that over time we have healed bit by bit… but this time in the hospital provided an opportunity for some major forward moves. And my father acknowledged me more in that 24 days than in my whole life, I believe. And acknowledgment is one of the nine nurturing needs!
This has inspired me to share some introductory information from my new book that will hopefully be coming out later this year… The Nine Nurturing Needs: Keys to True Fulfillment!
To get that introductory  information, all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter here. You can do it at the top of the blog or at the bottom of any page at ronbaker.net
I hope you will feel free to share this post with your friends and loved ones who would benefit from this deeply empowering information. I will go so far as to say that your ability to invest in these Nine Nurturing Needs is exactly what determines that quality of your life every single day!
Sending love your way.

Interrupting Self-Judgment

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You may be like I was for a long time in my life… showing up in your outer life, functioning quite well and even sharing yourself in rather impressive ways on the outside, but riddled with negative self-talk on the inside.

I now understand that this comes from the foundation of our early lives, when we were intended to be loved and guided through Nine Nurturing Needs… and yet, we have lived in a world that has not even known how to identify what those needs are.

When our Nine Nurturing Needs are not even identified, much less honored and encouraged, we have a survival system in the limbic brain that personalizes these limitations. “I don’t deserve to be loved.” “Somehow I am always wrong or not enough.”

The spectrum of possibilities for this negative self-talk is endless… and yet, it is all based on a myth!

What most people don’t understand is that mommy and daddy were not holding out these Nine Nurturing Needs because you didn’t deserve… but merely because they were not equipped to provide them. You see, they, too, have been carrying around the same patterns of a wounded child–wondering why they didn’t deserve those same needs from their parents.

I know from teaching thousands of clients around the world that we have been a world caught up in this myth together! And I also know that it is all learned behavior, and once we learn what the Nine Nurturing Needs are and how we might begin to practice those on ourselves, it is never too late to turn around the negative self-talk or self-judgment.

I am in the process of writing a book–The Nine Nurturing Needs: Keys to Fulfillment.

In the meantime, here is a video that can help you begin to identify how trapped you have been in self-judgment, as well as offering ways you can begin to interrupt this toxic behavior… which only diminishes the quality of your life.


Unexpected Inspiration

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Little did we know what lay ahead when we got a panicked telephone call from our father the week before Christmas this year. I share a bit of that journey with you now in order to inspire and encourage you with what is possible when we show up for ourselves and one another…

As it turns out, my father was headed for the Emergency Room and a need to have his right leg removed above the knee. At 82 years old, this could not have been more devastating and confusing for him.

There is untold power in having love and support as we face our life challenges. I drove 13 hours to be with him, followed a few days later by my two sisters. The hospital, WakeMed, in Raleigh, NC has a staff unlike anything I have ever seen.

This turned out to be quite fortunate, as we learned that due to poor circulation, there was no other option to save his life but to remove the leg. And so my father began to face the reality of radical change–change to every move he makes in his daily life.

And face it, he did.

Each day brought new nurses, specialists and surgeons for the first week. What turned out to be two major surgeries left him to then face a new reality, starting with allowing himself to be supported for every single move – something which was completely foreign to him.

Truly receiving is a challenge for so many of us. Much less to allow oneself to receive in such personal ways, with nowhere to hide. Every bodily function was now a shared experience for my Dad.

We asked so much of this 82 year old man, who continued to show up and inspire all of us. Even shared feelings–from the shocked confusion, to the anger and frustration, to the gratitude and celebrations of each breakthrough–were all shared to make the journey that much more meaningful.

The long and short of this story is an affirmation that when we are faced with life’s challenges, we are encouraged to dig within ourselves to pull up more than we had perhaps been willing or aware that we could…

and when we make those choices to dig deep, we can create profound healing, growth and a more meaningful connection to those around us than we had ever chosen to explore before.

I am thrilled to share, only five days after surgery, this picture of my father – already entering his first day of physical rehab with more staff and wonderful helpers at WakeMed.


The human body is a miracle. The human spirit is a miracle.
Showing up for ourselves AND for one another makes all the difference.

I hope you will allow my father to inspire you to also show up to the challenges in your life, willing to face them as opportunities to stretch into more of yourself, as well as to deepen your connections with others in your life. Mutual inspiration is the most remarkable kind.

My dad has already allowed many others to become a part of his support. And as he continues to show up each day, he is living one step at a time into the reality that so much more is possible.

Already today, so recently after this challenge began, he was able to push himself up and down the hallways to see who else might be facing challenges in the hospital.

Who knew that spending Christmas and New Year’s in a hospital would turn out to be one of the most memorable of my life, and one of the most inspirational milestones of my life. I am grateful, as we continue forward into the revelations of this journey of change.

Thanks for sharing more of the journey with me. Love to you all… Ron

Proactively Valuing the People in Your Life

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There is no time like the holidays to think about how you tend to proactively value the people who matter to you. Take a moment to share that directly… We all need loving reminders that we matter.

Here are some clues for enhancing the quality of your relationships, which stand at the core of every single thing that we create in our lives.

What May Be Keeping you from Deeper Fulfillment

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As you head into the holidays, where people typically spend more time with family and loved ones, I encourage you pay attention to how much real connection and sharing takes place.
One of the biggest impacts of having the internet and so many electronic gadgets at our fingertips is a major tendency to distract and escape…
With all of the education that comes from one source after another about the “healthy” choices that are possible, many people also put more pressure and expectations on themselves about the things they “should” be doing in order to be enough or lovable or successful in the eyes of others.
IMPORTANT REVELATION: Trying to do too many things, no matter how healthy they may be individually, can all work against you actually developing a deeper sense of self-value.
You might consider spending some time this holiday season evaluating whether you are setting yourself up well within all of the choices and options. Are you spreading yourself thin, going from one “healthy” option to the next, unsure where to land and truly deepen yourself?
The holidays can be a perfect time to scan your year, 2015. See if you are clear and consciously aware of what things are authentically important to you at this stage of your life.
This week’s episode of Nurturing Solutions for Seekers is all about “Learning to Land and Deepen.”
1. Take a moment to name some of the experiences you want to create more of in your life. (i.e. connection, intimacy, adventure, willingness, flexibility, ambition, more calm and relaxation, etc)
2. Find some simple ways to explore and invest in your top priorities.
3. Rather than getting so focused on outer activities, consider that LANDING and DEEPENING your relationship to yourself is what will allow you to create more quality in your life.
Happy Thanksgivingandreceiving Week!
Enjoy the video and please consider sharing with others.
Sending love your way…

Staying in touch with old friends like: Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer

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I got the chance to reunite with an old friend this weekend at the Hay House, I Can Do It! Conference in New York City–Kris Carr, who is now known from Oprah and Crazy Sexy Cancer.

We have been friends for 20 years, but it has been quite a while since our schedules have come together. It was great to see her.

And so I use this opportunity to encourage you to reach out to old friends whom you may not have seen for years. Our heart/soul connections are what give our life its greatest meaning and value. So don’t put it off… reach out today.


Holding a Compassionate Place for Your Wounded Feelings

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As we approach Thanksgiving and a major holiday season around the world, we all face going home to old family patterns. And we can all look forward to Aunt Flo asking us awkward questions in front of everyone, like “When are you going to get married?” Or “what are you doing with your life? Really?!? Oh.”
This can be a true test of where you are in your empowerment process and claiming self.
In order to set yourself up well, make sure you know how to breathe proactively, that you make some clear decisions about who YOU decide to be while you are there (so you are prepared and set yourself up well), and perhaps instigate a meaningful conversation with someone specific that you value – so that YOU take charge of making it a meaningful time.
This week’s episode of Nurturing Solutions for Seekers is all about learning to hold a space for your wounded feelings, which can certainly get triggered during the holiday time.
I hope you will go and watch… and tell your friends. We all need to stick together as we learn and grow!
I am grateful for you being a part of the community at ronbaker.net.
Let me know if there is anything you need.
Blessings at this Thanksgiving time (in the US).