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Coming Together Creates More Power

By August 4, 2017 Uncategorized


We all live together in a world that is in great need of healing and transformation.
We live in a time that is revealing much need for healthy, empowered leaders.
It is easy to sit back and hope that someone will be elected who will lead us.
It takes more courage to show up and lead ourselves.
More than ever we need each other–to show up and challenge ourselves into healthier choices. When we do, we inspire others to make empowered choices as well.
In this time, when so many systems are failing and in trouble, we are being presented with clear choices–to stand for love and values that serve the good of the whole or to continue on in the same wounded ways.
Occasionally there are specific opportunities to join together,
where we become much more powerful than when we stand alone.
There will be two such events in August of 2017.
Two eclipses that will interrupt our emotional and mental energies, the patterns of our habitual cycles on Aug 7 and Aug 21… with distinct chances to set new intentions, and then to support one another into those new possibilities.
Astrology Hub has gathered 14 teachers for 14 days of guidance, support and encouragementall for FREE, giving us 14 chances to come together, setting healthy intentions and putting those intentions into motion with daily meditations. Anchoring Love on the planet more fully is the primary focus
I will be one of the teachers showing up to share and take my place
on Saturday, August 12.
Please join me.
In community we are so much more powerful.
Please go and watch the introductory video and sign up for this FREE series. Tell your friends and loved ones about it.
We need each other… and helping to pass the word is one way that YOU can show up in courage. If others don’t know about this opportunity, they won’t have a chance to show up.
Simply forward this email to others.
This is a real opportunity to join together around the world and make a difference.
We live in a world that is demonstrating plenty of wounded and crazy.
Let’s join together and stand for love and value.
Blessings to us all.

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