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6-Hour Course: Healing Depression Made Simple ($97.)

This awesome course includes 6 modules (each with a video and worksheet), taking you through a clear understanding of Depression. We start with explaining what causes depression in a more complete manner, followed by introducing the 3 Keys that will literally inspire movement of energy in the body, as well as more awakening, aliveness and passion.


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Revelations for a Healing World

A Personal Process for Resurrecting the Soul

Revelations for a Healing World offers previously unpublished information about the changing world we live in, what is creating these shifts and how these shifts are actually beginning to take place within our individual bodies!

This book includes firsthand information about the seven initiations of Ascension that have been taking place since 1997. Each initiation reveals vital clues about what we can all expect in the coming years physically, mentally and emotionally, as we begin to integrate the powerful new levels of energy that have begun to move on our planet.

We each have an unprecedented opportunity at this time. With this information, you can learn simple and clear ways to access deeper levels of your personal potential, enabling you to create your life vision with greater passion and ease.

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Serenity: A Loving Journey of Transition

True story of the love and courage possible in facing one of life’s greatest challenges–the transition of death.