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Welcome! I'm so glad that you're here. Let me begin by sharing a few thoughts about the process that I offer--a process that has already inspired tremendous enhancements for thousands of others around the world. 

Whether you're frustrated with challenges in your relationships, your finances or in your work, believe it or not, the root cause is generally a lack of connection to self. If you are like most of my other clients, you have likely been navigating your life without a clear map of what is possible, unaware how to take your life to the next level of personal fulfillment. For instance, most people don't realize that there are nine nurturing needs that we all seek more than any other thing in our lives. When you learn how to create those nine core experiences for yourself, so much more becomes possible!

Examples include great connections, clear communication, solid ways to navigate and grow through conflicts and misunderstandings, and passionate clarity about your most authentic vision--where you wake up every day with much more motivation to continue building the life that truly matters to you. These are just some of the many symptoms of healthy change that my clients share with me.

No matter what your goals happen to be, I hope you will feel reassured that 100% of my clients who practice the nurturing tools that I share create consistent expansions and enhancements in various parts of their lives. I look forward to creating a clear map of that journey with you, so that you can join the thousands of others who are already living more fulfilling lives. I encourage you to watch the short introductory video at the top of this section to get started.

A Little bit of my journey


Let me introduce myself. I am a self-mastery coach, a bio-energetics practitioner, an author and a speaker... but mostly I am a lover of life. My journey has been rich, taking me from the depths of confusion, disconnection and insecurity to a life of profound intimacy, connection and personal fulfillment. 

Sharing all that I've learned on that journey with other people around the world, like you--so that you can learn to enjoy greater depths of personal fulfillment--has become the centerpiece of my life.  I want you to know that  creating a life that gets better and better and better is entirely possible!

I grew up in a home with alcoholism, divorce and very little understanding about real connection. Perhaps like you, I grew up often feeling lost, confused and insecure about my own value and moved into my adult life with most questions about how to create a meaningful life unanswered.


However, I also imagined that much more was possible for each one of us than what I was being taught.

My desire for more intimacy, connection and fulfillment sent me on a relentless search for deeper answers and truths about life and how it actually works. I am thrilled to share that what I have discovered on my journey far surpasses anything that I initially imagined I would find!

One of the core reasons that what I offer is so much clearer and in depth than what is generally offered boils down to having had the privilege of 27 years of intimate conversations with higher beings, like Archangel Gabriel. Years ago I discovered that have a clair-audient ability to listen - a gift that allowed me to finally answer the important questions that plague most of our lives.

By applying all of the clues that I gathered along the way, I have been able to access the depths of my authentic inner self. I have learned to truly value myself and to create a life of tremendous meaning, value and purpose.

A passionate desire to share the process that allowed me to create such profound shifts in my own life with others led to the creation of a School of Self-Mastery in New York City. For the last 25 years, thousands of people have come through that school to discover the reality of consistent enhancements in their lives.  

It has been my great privilege to take others, like you, on a meaningful journey from survival consciousness--a state where you might feel stuck in your head, working way too hard, while still feeling disconnected, frustrated and clear that something is missing--to empowered consciousness. Empowered consciousness is the "next level" of life that is possible--marked by having a clear vision of what is authentic and important to you, supported by a passion for investing in that vision each and every day and a clear set of tools that you KNOW will continue improving the quality of your life.

A life that gets better and better and better is entirely possible! I know it from my own life and from watching thousands of others like you take powerful steps. When you have a clear map of what is possible, perhaps you will be like so many of my other clients, who find so much satisfaction in the first part of the journey out of survival consciousness, that you will also choose to then go really deep on a journey into the sacred  initiations of soul consciousness. This is the highest level of life that is possible for any of us--where you learn how to access the potentials of your true greatness. This is when your deepest gifts (like being clair-sentient, clairaudient or clairvoyant) can become your new normal.

These things all became possible in my own life as a result of leading 15 journeys to sacred sites around the world from 1997 to 2012, coordinated with powerful energetic events that were taking place--an important part of helping our planet shift out of survival consciousness into the potential of the soul. From the Great Pyramid of Egypt to the ancient temples of Tibet and the Incan majesty of Machu Picchu, I experienced a miraculous level of life that I look forward to sharing in upcoming books.

For now, I will close with the inspiration that millions of people came together around the world for the 15 worldwide meditations we organized for these unprecedented opportunities--all focused on a shared intention of raising consciousness on our planet. Perhaps like you, millions of others are dedicated to taking powerful steps into the reality that SO MUCH MORE IS POSSIBLE!


I am presently working on two books. Fulfilled at Last: 9 Keys for Re-Claiming Your Most Authentic Self  and A Map to Greatness: How to Awaken the Passionate Purpose of Your Soul.

The journey of writing and working with editors has been both wonderful and challenging.
I will keep you posted on my blog as my writing journey unfolds.
I hope Fulfilled at Last will be released in 2018!

I share these goals with you, because I believe it is so important that we all learn to engage in mutual inspiration--supporting one another to fulfill our visions, so that we all become more proactive participants in making a healing difference in the world.

I truly hope you will get involved at  I look forward to sharing more of the journey with you. 






“Meta-physical” merely refers to that which lies beyond the density of the physical 3rd dimension. Since we are all beings with a soul, we are all metaphysical beings. In other words, we can learn to tap much more of our personal potential when we focus on more than just our our physical lives.

The most direct way you can tap your greater potential is by learning to connect to your inner core--where you hold the fulfilling potential of your most authentic self.

My journey into those fulfilling potentials came out of my 22-year friendship with Robert Baker (now deceased). In 1990, Robert discovered he had a remarkable gift of channeling. Through his gifts, I had the opportunity to engage in two decades of profound conversation with Archangel Gabriel, receiving thousands of hours of education about the deeper potentials that we all hold, as well as being taught about this unprecedented time of change and evolution we are now moving through as a planet.  

By integrating Gabriel's wisdom into my life, I ended up uncovering some of my own gifts and capacities--the greatest of which is an enhanced capacity for creating connection and intimacy with others!

[Since 1997, I have been sharing layers of the Gabriel information online--through a site called Children of Light--
which I happily share for you to explore if you choose. I have now begun to put some of that on this site - in the Blog Section





– Ron Baker


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- Ron Baker