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Welcome! I'm so glad that you're here. Before you go any further, I encourage you to ask yourself, “Why am I here exploring today?”
People seek me out for many reasons. If you first identify WHAT YOU NEED right now, it will be easier to recognize how I can help you.  

Some people share with me how frustrated they are with challenges in their relationships they don’t know how to resolve. Others feel stuck financially or find themselves in jobs that are not fulfilling. Many others have been expressing that they have been feeling lost, realizing that the things they have always focused on or prioritized are no longer meaningful for them.

You may be surprised to find out that the root causes that leave most people un-fulfilled in all of those arenas is due to a lack of connection to the inner Self. When we are not connected to our most authentic inner Self, we are not accessible to create true intimacy, connection and a flow of abundance. Therefore, my work centers around teaching people how to connect to the 3 Core Levels of the Whole Self.

I know that so much more is possible than most of us were ever taught when we were young. That is because I now live in those deeper levels of fulfilling potential (most of the time. ha!). 

However, most people don’t even have a clear map of the Whole Self. Without a map and an understanding of the potentials that we all hold on the inside, we quite often end up grasping for things on the outside to fulfill us. However, NOTHING can be an adequate replacement a solid connection to the core of Self — the Grand Prize that we all seek.

The great news is that I can teach you how to activate the 3 levels of the Whole Self, starting with learning to invest in the Nine Nurturing Needs. When you learn how to inspire those nine core experiences for yourself, so much MORE becomes possible!

A Little bit of my journey


Let me introduce myself. I am a self-mastery coach, a bio-energetics practitioner, an author and a speaker... but mostly I am a lover of life. My journey has been rich, taking me from the depths of confusion, disconnection and insecurity to a life of profound intimacy and connection, starting with myself.

Sharing all that I've learned with people like you has become the centerpiece of my life.  I want you to know that it’s entirely possible to create a life that gets better and better and better…

I grew up in a home with alcoholism, divorce and almost no understanding about connection and communication. Perhaps like you, I grew up with no idea how to trust my own value; and I moved into my adult life with no idea how to create a meaningful life.


However, I also imagined from the time I was quite young that much more was possible for each one of us than what I was being taught.

My desire for genuine intimacy, connection and fulfillment sent me on a relentless search for deeper answers and truths about life and how it actually works. And I am thrilled to share that what I’ve discovered on my journey greatly surpasses anything that I initially imagined that I would find!

By applying each of the clues that I gathered along the way, I’ve been able to access and enjoy the depths of my most Authentic Self.

A passionate desire to share the process that allowed me to create such profound shifts is what led me to create a School of Self-Mastery in New York City. For the last 25 years, thousands of people have come through that school to discover the reality of consistent enhancements in their lives.  

A life that gets better and better and better is entirely possible! I know this even more fully from watching thousands of others—just like you—take powerful steps and awaken powerful gifts that allow them to enjoy life in ways they never imagined possible.

The final thing I will share about my journey includes having had the privilege of connecting to the process of planetary Ascension in very powerful ways. While leading 16 journeys to sacred sites around the world (to places like the Great Pyramid of Egypt to ancient temples in Tibet and the Incan majesty of Machu Picchu), I have been guided by higher beings into the privilege of directly experiencing powerful energetic accelerations that have been taking place since 1997.

Not only did this soul choice allow me to work directly with higher beings, I have also experienced many miracles that look forward to sharing with you over time.

Archangel Gabriel has shared with me that these miracles have been an important part of my journey, as they wanted to show me even more of what is possible than what I had discovered prior. Whether we choose to become conscious and to work with these rising energies, our entire planet is attempting to shift out of survival consciousness into the potential of the soul.

From the Great Pyramid of Egypt to the ancient temples of Tibet and the Incan majesty of Machu Picchu, I have experienced a miraculous level of life that I look forward to sharing in my upcoming memoir.

For now, I will close with the inspiration that millions of people have come together for the 16 worldwide meditations we organized for these unprecedented opportunities--all focused on a shared intention of raising consciousness on our planet—confirming that millions of others, like you, are dedicated to taking powerful steps into the reality that SO MUCH MORE IS POSSIBLE!


I have completed the manuscripts for two books in recent months. I am now getting those prepared for publication.
First is my memoir, “So Much More is Possible: The Power of Understanding Your Soul Journey”
and the second is a “how to” book that reveals powerful steps creating a life that you love. The working title for that book is “Fulfilled at Last: 9 Keys for Claiming Your Most Authentic Self


I will keep you posted on my blog as my journey into publishing these books unfolds. No worries that you have to wait for these books to get some powerful, life-changing info… Just go to the page, “Work with Ron” to find out some immediate options.

If you have any questions or needs that you need help resolving, let me hear from you.

I love getting specific issues to address in upcoming episodes of the podcast and in blog posts. Until then, let me repeat how glad I am that you are here and how much I look forward to sharing more of your journey!s


I often get asked what I mean by the term “meta-physical.”

“Meta” means “beyond,” and so this term merely refers to the that which lies beyond our lives in the physical, 3rd dimension. We are much more than physical. We are all individuals with a soul. Therefore, we are all metaphysical beings. Because this is true, we can learn to tap much more of our personal potential when we focus on more than just our our outer, physical lives.

The most direct way you can tap your greater potentials is by learning to connect to your inner core--where you hold the fulfilling potential of your most Authentic Self.

The primary reason I have become so immersed in the metaphysical reality is that I have had almost three decades of intimate conversation with higher beings, such as Archangel Gabriel. My journey was blessed by a 22-year friendship with Robert Baker (now deceased). In 1990, Robert’s inner explorations revealed that he held remarkable potential as a channel.

Though I eventually discovered a capacity for these inner conversations with a number of higher beings, it was through Robert that I developed a profound trust in the conversations with Archangel Gabriel. Thousands of hours have been spent educating me (and those in our community) about the deeper potentials that we all hold, as well as teaching me about the specifics of this unprecedented time of change and evolution that we are all moving through as a planet.  

Beyond the opportunity of connecting and sharing with higher beings, what I consider the most immediate and fulfilling gift that I have been able to integrate out of these wonderful opportunities is an enhanced capacity for creating connection and intimacy with others, like you! That is what moves me the most.

[Since 1997, I have been sharing layers of the Gabriel information online--through a site called Children of Light--
which I happily share for you to explore if you choose. I have now begun to put some of that on this site - in the Blog Section



– Ron Baker


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