“Ron Baker is a truly remarkable teacher and healing guide! My wife and I did couples’ sessions with Ron prior to getting married. We started experiencing some difficult challenges with communication & intimacy six months after we began dating. In retrospect, we were clueless on how to be in an truly adult and balanced relationship. Through Ron’s patient, nurturing guidance and teachings, we began to understand how the blocks and limitations, put in place during our early years of life, were negatively impacting us in the present. This allowed us to have much more compassion for one another and understand each other more fully.

The clear body of knowledge & tools that Ron passed on to us not only allowed us to work through the challenges that were threatening to destroy our relationship, but also have continued to help us deepen our connection through the years after completing our work with Ron. There is this amazing positive and loving momentum that we were able to set in motion through our sessions with him. Our relationship continues to evolve and blossom in ways that neither one of us could have imagined. We are eternally grateful to Ron and know that we still have so much more to look forward to in the coming years.”

– Miguel & Michele, Venice Beach, CA

“It has been such a privilege to work with Ron since 2009. My empowerment journey has been a deep and sacred undertaking, allowing me to get a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. Through this process, I have grown my heart, unearthed and freed many self-limiting patterns, and as improved the quality of my relationships. Simply put, Ron has taught me how to love myself and others, more and more, no matter what life’s circumstances are. He is a beloved master teacher and a rare gift.”

– Marie, Connecticut

“I met Ron in 2011 and these past four years of working with him have completely changed my life. I have attended his Reiki and Light Ascension courses, workshops and video lectures. Ron is able to create a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment to discover your own authentic potential. His clarity and commitment are stunning. Month after month I keep discovering new layers of depth in this amazing journey of life, and all through this I feel his presence and support, knowing I can reach out with any questions, doubts, or celebrations and he will be there. Words cannot fully convey the gratitude I have for this wonderful teacher that manifested in my life.”

– Clara, Italy

“It’s been an amazing few years going through this process with Ron.  By the experience of both individual sessions and group workshops, I’ve undergone a vast amount of growth and transformation in a truly whole sense.  I know more. I feel MUCH more.  Even my physical body has changed substantially.  In fact, I now look very different…some might say better! “

“Ron’s ability to communicate what can be profound and intense information is rare.  The way he fosters a safe and connecting environment in a group setting is deeply powerful.  But most of all, it’s his unwavering support, his bottomless well of compassion and his true friendship that I value.  The man exudes love and pairs it with meaningful and helpful knowledge.”

“I cannot conceive of anyone walking this earth who would not benefit in some way from knowing him.”

– Andrew S., NYC

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– Elisa, Brooklyn, NY

“Through this process and empowering approach to life, I learned to be more authentic, to show up, to set boundaries, to improve my relationship with myself, and to help others do the same. I’ve attended several weekend retreats hosted by Ron Baker, and I always left with a deeper sense of connection to myself and to others. I also went on a sacred journey led by Ron Baker and Robert Baker, RIP, and it was a transformational, unforgettable, and a truly sacred experience.”

Ron Baker will change your life!..should you open your heart and mind to his wisdom and commit to a process of personal and spiritual development. What makes this teacher so notable is the balance of deeply profound life knowledge and a grounded, integrated, understandable way of teaching it. He is truly remarkable as a teacher and yes, he did change my life.

I began working with him when I had no real sense of self, had spent my life unconsciously pleasing my parents and my society, was using drugs and alcohol to numb out feelings of disillusionment and not good enough-ness. He held a space for love with me that led me to me. He showed me how to love myself. How to understand the unique beauty of who I am. How to love and accept all aspects of me – and he teaches it by modeling it and showing you that life is a process. It’s an evolution – there is no silver bullet – there is no perfected self – there is only the version of you which gets better and better over time, as you learn to accept yourself where you are. From there your own evolution is just an awesome ride.

As I grow now into a teacher myself – I know with completely certainty that he changed my life and is inspiring me into the next chapter of my life. He is a master teacher, as authentic a human as you will ever meet and a dear friend. I only wish and hope that you get to experience the gifts of Ron Baker.

– Sohail, California

“Just say Yes and show up”… Ron said those six words to me early on in our sessions together and they continue to have a profound effect on my life, journey and personal process. Just showing up helped me get over many hurdles, move through resistance, face fears, and move into many gifts of the unknown.

Ron has a beautiful and loving quailty of empathy. This is because he walks his talk. He has taken and continues his own journey of self-empowerment. The only way a therapist or teacher can truly be affective is to have gone through the lessons themselves and continue the lifetime commitment to go into deeper levels of self-love and empowerment.

Ron is a true Master Teacher, because like true teachers he continues to learn, embody, then nurture and educate his clients and students. Ron Baker and Empowerment at Last will support, nurture and educate you in a unique personal process of self love unlike any I have ever heard about, and I say that with total truth.

– Brian, New Jersey

“Connecting for many years with Ron Baker (and Robert Baker – May he rest in peace) and the community they have gathered has been a beautiful and blessed brush with destiny. The sacred journeys combined with the deeply inspired internal work has established for me a powerful and life changing foundation for my life. The work is important, clear, healing and heartfelt. I thank you, Ron, for the loving commitment you have shared with us all.”

– Wendy, NYC

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– Mila, Long Island, NY

I started to see Ron as a result of seeing the shifts in my son, who at the time was Ron’s youngest client. The great changes I saw inspired me to come to Ron. Now my entire family goes including my daughter-in-law, my daughter and even my husband. Ron has literally changed my family and now i enjoy an improved relationship with my husband. The great benefits that Ron has to offer are the tools that he shares with great compassion and clarity. My life has changed for the better and I feel very lucky to have Ron in my life.

I was given a session with Ron Baker 18 years ago on my 30th Birthday. Little did I know at the time what a truly magnificent, life-enriching gift it would be. Through my personal and group sessions, I have come to understand many details about myself and my life that I was avoiding, suppressing or just did not understand.

Ron has a true gift of seeing behind the veil of protected walls to get to the core and the essence of your true nature. He has supported me in a meaningful, loving and non-judgmental way, which has allowed me to be open and free to share my deepest thoughts, emotions and feelings. The best part is that I feel I have been given amazing tools to be able to live life more authentically.

My wife and I see Ron regularly as a couple, using those sessions a tool to keep our marriage healthy and our communication open. We occasionally find ourselves stuck, or there is an issue we can’t resolve. Ron provides an even platform for us to share and discuss our emotionally charged feelings of a situation and we walk away with the tools to overcome that obstacle should it arise again.

I have shared Ron with so many people in my life. I now show up more authentically, which in essence, helps people around me be more authentic. I can let my guard down and know I’m safe in the world. When people ask how I found the courage to face myself in such a process, I say, “It has been a gift.” Ron Baker is my gift to you.

– Andrew, NYC

“I cannot say enough about my journey with Ron over the last 7+ years. It has enriched every aspect of my life enormously, in ways that I continue to discover each day. I have worked with a number of ‘therapists’ in my life, some traditional, some more spiritually-based, but not until Ron have I encountered someone so well-grounded in both. “

“He has a keen and intuitive insight into the personal and psychological offering practical solutions and advice, while at the same time bringing spiritual perspectives and practices to bear on chronic frustrations that have refused all my previous efforts at resolution. “

“And Ron’s skills, I am convinced, were not acquired from books, but are organic to who he is. Whether through in-born talent, life experience or revelation, Ron sees the spiritual and emotional patterns that underly human suffering, and he is uniquely gifted in his ability to offer those gifts in service of others’ healing. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to share in his generous wisdom, through whatever medium, to do so without hesitation. “

– Victor, NYC

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Erin, California

“Working with Ron is the greatest gift I have given myself. His work trumps any massage, any vacation, any material thing. His Reiki classes were informative, life-changing, soul-relvealing, and meaningful on every level. His workshops changed my life—mainly allowing me to give love to critical people (including myself) at a level I had never known. Couples work opened my eyes to new ways of being a true, compassionate member of that important team. His 1:1 work brings me peace, self-love, understanding in every facet of my life, enhanced relationships, better breathing, living, sleeping, digesting, working, communicating… I could go on and on for days. Ron Baker is giving this world what it so desperately needs in ways that are unparalleled elsewhere. I feel grateful for knowing him EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

The personal growth and healing work I have benefited from with Ron Baker has been immeasurable. When I came to him, I was completely embedded in insecurity, self-consciousness, and a reactive way of meeting the challenges of life. Over time, I am so very grateful to be able to say, that I have matured to a level that I only previously dreamed of. I am able to watch the emotional triggers as they pass by, instead of being engrossed in them. I meet the demands of life with confidence and assuredness. And I have had a melting away of insecurity, to be replaced with knowing my place in the world matters, and has value.

I benefited greatly from workshops. Ron provided a focused place to work on myself, in a safe and trusting environment. Over time, I became less worried about what others thought of me, and more able to just be myself, more comfortable in my own skin. The value this has had on my life is more than I can write here. Simply put, I am grateful for this work with Ron. The level of change has essentially saved me from myself!

I have been on two journeys with Ron. The places we went to were quite incredible. But the best part of the trips were the spiritual journey, personal growth, and community that Ron (and Robert) were able to facilitate. A great opportunity to accelerate personal growth. They have been experiences of a lifetime.

– Sara, Woodstock, NY

How does one describe a teacher, fellow travel, and friend? I first ran into Ron during a period of my life in which I felt stuck. My experience of reality was heavily based on limitations in my business, my relationships, and my beliefs that my experience could not change. It was Ron’s teachings and guidance, using tools and ideas to explore new possibilities in a safe, supportive environment, that inspired me to discover alternative ways to experience my life. I was learning self-mastery: how to connect to myself, build self-trust and be attentive to my feelings and needs.

Ron has a unique ability to motivate and inspire others to explore and discover how to make healthy choices for themselves. It is an artistry. While the first step is learning to understand our wounded habits and conditioning, it is important to then integrate the transformation into new alternatives experientially. Magic happens when we combine understanding and experience. This is the gift that Ron brings to the table. Through him, I now understand and experience that life is a process and it is gradually that my perspective has been shifting from the inside out.

Thanks to Ron I am aware of my own needs. I have been able to cultivate self-acceptance, embracing more of the gifts and the limitations as a part of the whole of my life. The guidance, love and support that Ron offers is truly what I feel was missing in my life prior to meeting him.

– Noam, Israel

I began my healing journey many years ago at a most crucial and pivotal time in my life and as fate would have it I was led to the exact right and perfect place. It takes a great deal of courage to begin this healing process and
entrust yourself to another and reveal the most tender and vulnerable aspects of one’s self. I soon discovered that I couldn’t have been in a safer environment in which to do so.

Ron provides compassion, guidance and support that I never knew was possible, gaining clarity and insight which allowed me to open my guarded heart to reveal and feel feelings that were so full of shame, imperfection, unworthiness and fear. I hold tremendous gratitude for Ron – for his compassionate heart, intellect and wisdom and being at my side and having faith in me when mine was shattered. Today I feel re-birthed and stand empowered, feeling my feelings and sharing my unique gifts with a full heart to the world with more confidence, joy and fulfillment than I ever thought possible.
– Peter, NYC

I’ve known Ron Baker for years. We’ve shared the ups and downs of existence as few people do and he is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. What’s more, as a healer, Ron has an amazing combination of talents and abilities that clearly help you transform your life for the better.

He is all about unconditional love and acceptance. He could single-handedly manage a spiritual army. His organizational skills are exceptional and he can “manage” any number of clients without seeming to sweat. Finally, Ron has been through the valley of the shadow of his own ego death.

You can be sure, then, that as he leads you through darkness into light that he has a very firm grip on the flashlight. Ron will always go with you as deeply as you’re ready and willing to go, and you’ll get better and be better
for working with him. I am.

– Robert, New Mexico

I wanted to take this time to thank Ron for all he has done in helping me create a new life for myself. After retiring from the Police Force I desperately needed a new focus in my life.

Oddly enough, my new focus turned out to be me. Ron taught me and continues to teach me so much about myself, it’s hard to put into words. Keeping it simple I will just say that I have a deeper and more intimate relationship with myself now than ever before.

I actually understand why I make the choices I make and understand my life’s journey in such a profound way. The more I learn, the more I am inspired to learn even more.

I cherish Ron’s wisdom more than I can say and eagerly anticipate everything he continues to share. Thank you, Ron, for all you guidance and love!

– Michael, New Jersey

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– Todd, New Jersey

Going through a process with Ron has helped me to deal with my core issues and not just what surfaces from those issues. So many self-help efforts seem like a band aid on a wound that’s never going to heal until its worked on and nurtured. That’s what is different about this process. It deals with the core, and that has made a big difference in my life.

THERAPY: I have had a number of therapists throughout my life, and I can say unequivocally that Ron Baker is by far the most skillful, insightful, and effective of all of them. I looked forward to my sessions with anticipation of discovery and healing. He uses powerful tools inspired by Spirit which are always feel safe, supportive and nurturing, The work is profound and can go a deeply as you wish to go

TRIP: My trip to Egypt was very exciting and magical. The group work created a family of support and real connection which fostered a great sense of safety, joy, fun, and adventure. The rituals, teaching, and channeling all created a multi-level experience of the ancient Egyptian culture.

CLASSES/WORKSHOPS: I found the classes and workshops to be doorways to new exciting, expanding worlds. They are given with profound knowledge, clarity, and patience. I always felt safe and supported by Ron and the other participants.

-Hana, upstate NY

Ron is quite simply the best therapist I have ever had. He is genuine, super attentive and honest. Through his example and support, I have been changing what in my behavior had been nervous, fearful holdovers from the past…and am now trusting myself to go forward in life, to make new and rather risky choices in expressing myself, rather than endlessly repeating old patterns.

The love that he carries is peerless. It is personal and universal at the same time. I am learning to listen to my body, to breathe from a deeper place and to experience emotions on the breath, which would have stayed hidden in my unconscious without this work. Ron affirms change and supports the newness of conscious choices.

There are some things he is not. He is not a phony. He does not have a teaching “agenda.” He does not have a particular plan for all his clients. He does not make your choices for you. From what I can tell you sitting across from him is that he lives in the present moment and that presence informs all of our interactions. I am blessed to know him, and to have been in sessions
with him.

– Judith, New York

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– Richard, New York 

I have been working with Ron Baker for approximate two years now and have found him to be most generous, nurturing and personally committed to my process. Gratefully I now to continue to support my own growth by having a clearer, deeper understanding on how to approach the core challenges in life, while move forward with more joy, acceptance, and love for myself and others.

My New York City professional life began in the heady days of Madison Avenue (1970’s -1980’s) with extensive corporate experience at Young & Rubicam Advertising. From the corporate world, after completing a film certificate at New York University, I transitioned into the commercial film production world. Within commercial film production industry I founded Fairbanks Films with internationally acclaimed film directors such as Ridley and Tony Scott. Many of our commercials began American icons such as the one for Apple Computer with Steve Jobs introducing the personal computer to the world. My next and last stop within commercial communication arena was becoming Director of Marketing for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic Commercials. Here we introduced digital technology to the adverting industry worldwide, and changed the look of commercial film and ability forever.

In spite of all the success the above brought me, none of it prepared me for what was to come next in my life when I began Reiki and Light Ascension training under the direction of Robert and Ron Baker. Through their teachings and guidance from higher realms I healed many layers of wounds and ego defenses within myself, eventually morphing into a very successful private healing arts practice of my own.

As an extension of our training and private practices a group of graduates founded Children of The Awakened Heart, where we created our own web site, created workshops and facilitated sacred journeys. Later transmuted into
The Angel News Network, today many of the teachings of Children of Light continue to be taught within my classes in Ft. Lauderdale. Over the past several years I have published six books and none of what I have achieved
could have been possible without what Ron Baker continues to bring out into our world today!

It thrills my heart to know and see that Ron Baker through EMPOWERED AT LAST continues to bring self-empowerment and healing further out into the world. There are many modalities and teaching out there but what Ron has to offer through his soul plan and mission is unparalleled in its depth of truth and effectiveness. One of the grandest gifts you could give yourself is to invest in what Ron Baker has to offer.

– Phillip, Florida

If you are willing to deepen love and self-mastery, Ron Baker is the man.

I have had a complete deepening of my life through working with Ron. Immediately, my love relationship has become sweeter and more supportive. We are having so much more fun, feeling connected and understood. Laughter, affection and feeling accepted where I am, is a direct result of this work!

The HUGE bonus has been discovering the connection to myself! Before Ron, I had no idea what “nurturing” meant. Most of my life has been guided by the tyrant within. With Ron, the tyrant reigns no more!! The experience of being gentle and kind while being authentic and real, is AMAZING!!!!

Every aspect of my life is enriched through this process. I am deeply happy, and feeling the beauty of life. All of my relationships~ business, friends and family~ have sweetened, matured and blossomed.I finally feel like I am the boss of my own life. It’s stunning to see who (or who hasn’t) been in charge all this time.

Ron is a short cut to living the life you’ve been seeking.
– Khrystyne, NYC

“Working with Ron has improved all aspects of my life, from the quality and depth of my relationships to growth and happiness in my career. More important than these things has been the increasing levels at which I can accept and nurture myself, living life from the inside out. In these ways, Ron’s impact on my life has been incalculable ”

– Luke, Queens, NY

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- Bill, California -

My experience in working with Ron is truly unparalleled in my life. His compassion is palpable, his understanding is vast and grounded in his own personal experience, and his sense of love and purpose is infectious. Not only have I healed or made peace with many of the damaging events from my past, I have learned effective, practical, and practicable methods for getting to the root of persistent issues and to simply love myself more and more as my life goes on.

I am grateful for Ron Baker. Over the years while working with Ron I have grown and deepened my sense of self in powerful ways. With in-person sessions, then groups, and now skyping individual sessions from a distance, I have cleared the past of so many resentments and work on clarifying my purpose and fine tuning where I need to be nurtured, seen and heard.

Ron’s support during my treatment for breast cancer was a pillar of love and safety. I also value his weather reports online, and find solace in knowing a big picture and how my journey coincides with all human growth. I am constantly using the tools he has given me and am amazed by his wisdom.

-Jennifer, Massachusettes

I met Ron when i was 19 years old and had just come out of a relationship that left me feeling very unworthy, insecure and not knowing my purpose. From the initial moments I started studying with Ron and him teaching me how to nurture myself, my life has improved dramatically. He has taken me from child to young adult to full grown man. Today I impact life and the people around me because of how much I have been able to champion under Ron’s guidance.

I look forward to waking up in the morning and being a part of the healing solutions that humanity desperately needs. None of that would have been possible with out Ron’s work. I look forward to all the wonderful goals that lay ahead of us with his work and our collective process. I highly recommend Ron. Every client that i have met has improved there lives while studying with him.

– Jonathan, NYC

My history includes experiences that left me extremely wounded. I wanted very badly to heal . . . and had the motivation to do the homework that would get me there . . . but I didn’t know HOW to get there. I just knew I wanted to heal. The pain was great, and I was scared, and did not trust anyone or life itself. And then I began my work with Ron.

Ron is kind, playful, gentle, and very wise. He was consistent and safe . . . and in time earned my trust.

The amazing thing about Ron is that he has a combination of heart and knowledge, AND the courage to walk the walk of the wisdom that he holds. I feel that when he explains a lesson or gives guidance – it comes from the EXPERIENCE of actually having learned those things himself. And sometimes the hard and humbling way.

In addition to the nurturing support I experienced with Ron, I also learned many tools. I learned HOW to process my wounded feelings – and release them so that they no longer dwelt within me. I learned how to value myself and parent myself in the way that my own parents would have if they had known how. I learned simple and grounded ways to – one step at a time – move forward into healthier and healthier choices.

Seven years later I am a truly transformed woman – from the core of my being. I am very proud of myself for this and I have worked my ass off to get here. I have healed profoundly. I love myself, and love my life. I have a career that I love, and a way to give back to others. I have meaningful relationships that are healthy and mutually supportive. And I continue to learn from Ron and move forward – claiming more and more empowerment.

– Kirsten, Pennsylvania



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