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options for making healthy shifts

I have created many different ways to help you take powerful next steps in your life.
There are many ways to get involved here. Let me point out a few:

  1. There are almost 100 videos accessible here and on YouTube, with tons of hints for creating enhancements in your life. IF you prefer listening “on the go,” you can always use the Podcast version, “Empowered at Last” on iTunes.

  2. If you are interested in exploring what is happening on the planet, discovering clues about why we are in an unprecedented time of acceleration and how our lives/bodies are being impacted, then join the private Facebook group. There are already many recorded Facebook Live events there to get you started.

And If you want to create truly fulfilling results…

like the ones I hinted at on the Home Page, it is important that you take a deeper dive:

In order to shift from merely going through the familiar routines of “survival consciousness” in your life (which quite often feels like being on a frustrating hamster wheel)… and instead, open to the fulfillment of abundance, intimacy and proactive health, it is important to integrate healthy new choices—which is most effectively done step-by-step.

To make that as simple as possible for you, I have create a step-by-step process—using weekly videos and worksheets.
To find out more about that very affordable option—Claiming Your Authentic Self—simply click here.

OR if you prefer to explore with Ron one-on-one, just scroll below and find out how you can become an Executive VIP client.

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other in-person options

We have created many ways for you to benefit from Ron in-person. Whether you are having him speak at one of your events, attending one of his workshops or benefitting from becoming an Executive VIP private client, Ron knows how to create clear forward moves in each arena.


  • Healing Depression Made Simple

  • Foundations for Fulfillment

  • How to Awaken Your Soul Purpose

  • The Nine Nurturing Needs

  • Our Planet’s Evolution into Soul

  • What is Love and Is It Possible?


  • Healing Depression

  • Foundations for Fulfillment

  • The Nine Nurturing Needs

  • Awakening the Body’s 12 Power Centers

  • Initiations of the Soul

Private sessions

Private Sessions with Ron are limited, due to high demand.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for upcoming sessions, please contact us.





In addition to training people in sessions and workshops, for the last 19 years I have been leading groups to sacred sites around the world–Egypt, Tibet, Bali, Nepal, Burma, England and Peru, to name a few.

The next journey will be to Ireland, a place of wonder and magic. We will be doing ceremonies in stone circles and many other ancient sites. 

Each of these journeys has been coordinated with powerful planetary alignments which have been a part of accelerating an awakening that has been taking place in our world. Each of these events is connected to the process of personal and planetary Ascension... preparing us for the unprecedented opportunity of soul consciousness.

We have organized 15 worldwide meditations for these events, which have been joined by millions of people around the world. The most recent meditation in this series took place on Saturday, September 8, 2018...

Going to sacred sites, which are built on powerful energy vortex points—ley lines and energetic chakras—can provide a real boost to the healing momentum you may already be creating in your life.

These journeys interrupt our habitual routines and provide time for you to not only experience some meaningful intimacy with the others who go, but also give you time to get clearer about the things that are most important to you… all the while, being supported in a nurturing connection with other seekers.

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