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Post-Eclipse Hurricanes – Emotional Energy!

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When we experience an eclipse, what takes place individually and
collectively is that we join the male and female energies of the sun and moon,
which is equivalent to the moving energy of giving and receiving…

When this happens, it creates a neutrality and stillness, which allows
much more energy than normal to come up from the subconscious
mind… coming up to be nurtured and integrated into our lives.

This mostly equals some of the feelings that we have buried–our past hurts
and wounded feelings–coming up to be dealt with in our present lives.
These charged energies need a safe place to rise and be nurtured
by the wiser, conscious adult part of ourselves.

The CHALLENGE is that so much of the world has never been nurtured,
nor have they learned HOW to nurture themselves emotionally.
This leaves a lot of charged energy that comes up with no safe place to go…
particularly in a time of heightened movement, like with the impact of an eclipse.

The result is that we stir up tons of emotional energy in the collective accumulation
of all our emotional energies combined!
You might say this creates a storm of charged emotional energy that so often
has no safe place to be nurtured and calmed.

Well… we are now seeing that made manifest in a “perfect storm” with more water
and flooding than anything we have known…  (Water represents the emotional energy.)
And now not just a second hurricane on its way, but a potential of FOUR of them brewing!

As this second hurricane crosses into the United States,
let’s send out energy and prayers that each person is protected…
and that it all unfolds according to the highest good possible.

We all have personal challenges and sometimes we share collective challenges.
Sometimes this happens in my back yard or household, and sometimes it
happens in someone else’s backyard.

At various times we all need support… and we all need to take proactive steps
in the support of others, reminding one another that love and support is possible.

Choices such as these enhance the quality of our lives.

Sometimes it takes a bigger built up of energy and a greater crisis to
get our attention and inspire us to respond in these ways. That is the opportunity.

The eclipse that went across the US in August brought up lots of collective energy…
focused on a country that is already shaken up emotionally from the choices we have
set up for our collective lessons… such as in the choices being made by the government.

I think there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that this is a time of heightened feelings
and the emotional body is being stirred… on top of having had this recent eclipse
that accelerated the release of energies from the collective subconscious.

On an energetic level of souls, it is not random that we are now seeing the emotional
energies of wind and water reflected in these storms.

We each play a small part in the collective accumulation of energy and what is
being put out. We also have the POWER TO IMPACT the collective energy with our
love and proactive nurturing. First, it is important to nurture your own feelings…
which includes feelings that are triggered today and feelings that have been buried
from your past.

IF you do not feel that you have the tools to truly do that, you can find simple, clear
tools at my website course, EmpoweredAtLast.com

What is transpiring is challenging many people in huge ways, but what is taking place
is ultimately not good and not bad. It is simply the natural movement of energy that is
colored by what has built up and what is being put out into the world.

So let’s all raise our game… sending energy of love and healing, playing a proactive
part in the resonance of healing and peace… willing to also nurture our individual
feelings and then to support others to do the same

Let’s act in ways that support healing and peace… in how we treat one another.
Let’s learn how to talk and share, seeking to understand one another, so that we
can create deeper solutions in our lives that serve each one of us.

These are some of the opportunities of this time.

Sending love to you all.


Spirituality, Sexuality and the Power of Love

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I decided to make a public statement today… about my intention to create a podcast of my own.

Empowered At Last: Learning to Dance with the Magic of Life

Building on a foundation of intimacy with self,
this podcast will focus on Spirituality, Sexuality and the Power of Love.

I share it out loud because I want to make myself accountable for setting this in motion in the next six months. There is such a need for healthy information that goes beyond a primary focus on our careers. There are so many wonderful and inspiring webcasts that talk about these things, giving wonderful clues about how each of us can set ourselves up well.

This podcast will focus on SELF… and how to create a life of value, meaning and purpose.

It will focus on building intimacy and sacredness in our lives, starting with the relationship we have to ourselves… which we can then bridge out to one another.

Thanks for being a part of this community of “proactive nurturers” here at ronbaker.net, and empoweredatlast.com

Blessings to us all as we continue into the journeys of building the celebration of individuality and the importance of creating communities that proactively serve one another… learning how to love.

Life’s Little Clues – IF you know where to look

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If we know what to look for, life is giving us constant clues of it’s support. I haven’t typically put too many metaphysical/spiritual perspectives on my blog, reserving those for my other website, Children of Light. I have opted to put the more practical ways of nurturing yourself on this site so far. However, I have now decided to start sharing a broader spectrum of perspectives about the wonder of our lives on ronbaker.net

In this case, I was watching a video of a total solar eclipse. When the sun was beginning to merge, it’s first light revealed an amazing phenomenon – which you can see in the photo I have included.

moon merkabah

When you look at this photo, you can see a six-pointed star, which is also known as a “merkabah”.

This is a remakable shape that impacts all of our lives. It is made up of two triangles, one pointing up and one pointing downward.

The one pointing downward represents Spirit penetrating the physical realm. The one facing up represents the physical focused upward toward the Divine. When the two come together you have the soul made manifest. Each one of us.

If you go back to the beginning of each of our lives, this remarkable 3-d shape takes place in just THREE cell divisions. You start as as a single cell called the “zygote”. This is the cell formed by the sperm and egg coming together to seed YOU.

In the first division of life you have two cells, represented for the rest of our lives through the contrasts of polarity. Assertive/receptive. Giving/receiving. Day/night.

In the second division of two cells, you get four, representing four directions, four elements and four kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal and human. This also forms a three-sided pyramid, which has four points. This is called a tetrahedron.

In the third division–just THREE movements–you get two tetrahedrons, one facing up and one facing down. This is a 3-d reality, which we can see in the picture as two triangles. This is a double-tetrahedron, a merkabah of the smallest formation… which is the seed of YOU. Physical and divine joining together = the soul made manifest.
This is what develops into each one of us and eventually becomes the shape of our energy bodies. Just look at the famous Michelangelo drawing of “Vesuvius Man”. You will see this very shape superimposed on the body. This is the spiritual reality of each one of us.

And this is the joining together of the eclipse… male and female, assertive and receptive, sun and moon… all joined together in the miracle of life.

The soul made manifest. Life’s little clues are revealed everywhere, if we know where to look!


Replay of My Talk on Astrology Hub

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It was awesome to be able to share my piece of the puzzle about this particular opportunity for coming together in global transformation.

If you missed the talk and want to share, you can now watch it here.

I encourage you to also find out what AstrologyHub.com is up to. They are such a great organization of education, filled with wonderful people throughout the company.

Coming Together Creates More Power

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We all live together in a world that is in great need of healing and transformation.
We live in a time that is revealing much need for healthy, empowered leaders.
It is easy to sit back and hope that someone will be elected who will lead us.
It takes more courage to show up and lead ourselves.
More than ever we need each other–to show up and challenge ourselves into healthier choices. When we do, we inspire others to make empowered choices as well.
In this time, when so many systems are failing and in trouble, we are being presented with clear choices–to stand for love and values that serve the good of the whole or to continue on in the same wounded ways.
Occasionally there are specific opportunities to join together,
where we become much more powerful than when we stand alone.
There were two such events in August of 2017.  (and there will be more)
In this case, two eclipses interrupted our emotional and mental energies, the patterns of our habitual cycles on Aug 7 and Aug 21… with distinct chances to set new intentions, and then to support one another into those new possibilities.
Astrology Hub gathered 14 teachers for 14 days of guidance, support and encouragementall for FREE, giving us 14 chances to come together, setting healthy intentions and putting those intentions into motion with daily meditations. Anchoring Love on the planet more fully is the primary focus
I was one of the teachers showing up to share and took my place on Saturday, August 12.
We need each other… When events like this take place, helping to pass the word is one way that YOU can show up in courage. If others don’t know about this opportunity, they won’t have a chance to show up. This is a real opportunity to join together around the world and make a difference.
We live in a world that is demonstrating plenty of wounded and crazy.
Let’s join together and stand for love and value.
Blessings to us all.

Navigating Endings and Beginnings

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We live in a world that is going through lots of wounded shake-ups,
which makes me grateful to be able to bring you healthy tools and opportunities
that are grounded, reliable and self-empowering–such as the one I am sending with this email.
It has been a wacky time for me and for my clients in recent months. As one example,
I came outside the day after July 4th to find that my Camaro had been literally
blown up by an M80 firecracker thrown into my gas tank as a prank!
Even though this was challenging to discover, it was helpful to remember this:
the whole planet is experiencing unprecedented and surprising change. Quite often these shifts in the status quo–both large and small–are attempting to encourage us into new situations and potentials that will serve us more fully.
One of the ways our souls can best move us forward is by creating interruptions and shake-ups of the things that no longer serve us.
It just so happens I had just been thinking that having a car with rear wheel drive
was not going to work well for me in the upcoming winter months. You see, I just
moved to a new location in the mountains, and will now have snow. Though this
was a rather dramatic interruption, it did open the door for something better–
my insurance enabled me to get a car with 4-wheel drive that will be much safer
in my new environment.

2017 has been full of interruptions and shake-ups for lots of people, and many things
are being revealed that are clearly out of balance and no longer serving us
with key examples in our governments and world systems.

Many people have been asking me, “What can we do?”
This is an important question to ask, because we all need to become more proactive
in our individual lives. One thing we can all do is learn HOW TO ALIGN and
WORK WITH the shifts that are taking place.
And there just happens to be
an awesome opportunity to do just that in August!
You may have heard that there is a powerful eclipse season coming.
What you may not know is that eclipses are famous for creating interruptions
of the familiar… and they provide a distinct chance to set some specific new intentions.
There will first be a lunar eclipse on August 7 and then a rare full solar eclipse
that will go across the entire face of the United States on Monday, August 21.
For this 14-day event, there is an awesome, completely FREE opportunity
being offered by
Astrology Hub.
I am very pleased to share that I will be one of the teacherssharing
my piece of the puzzle on Saturday, August 12.
I thank you for continuing to be a part of the community at Empowered At Last
(formerly called Children of Light). I look forward to bringing you more helpful tools
and more empowering information that will allow you to make this the most
fulfilling time of enhancements you have ever known.
Sending love to you all…

The Need for a Proactive Response to Election 2016

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shutterstock_113785486People have been reaching out to me since Tuesday night, asking for some encouraging words about the situation we all now face at the close of this election. For more than a year of election season, we have been confronted with a rather constant barrage of troublesome situations, accompanied by a slew of challenging feelings to negotiate. Many people find themselves reeling more than ever in the first days after the election… unclear how we ended up with these particular results and fearful about how things might unfold.

The overwhelming sentiment shared with me has been, “How could a man such as Donald J Trump—a man who has acted out, revealing such hatred and immaturity; a man who has no apparent reverence or value for whole groups of people; a man with such radical ideas and approaches—actually get elected?”

It seems that many people are feeling particularly defeated, depressed and powerless in the aftermath of this one. So many things that have been familiar have now been interrupted and we are collectively faced with many “unknowns.” Perhaps more than any other time in recent memory, people are feeling scared.

The first thing I would like to encourage is that you take some time to honor everything you’re feeling. Learning how to nurture your feelings is so important, often made most clear in moments like this. Therefore, I am taking the time to encourage some important emotional nurturing before I move into sharing a proactive response to the election, a response that I hope will bring you a great deal of encouragement and comfort.

Before I address the specifics of the election, I would like to first explore a bigger context—one that includes people all around the globe…

To read more (CLICK HERE)

An Important Tribute on Father’s Day (1933 – 2016)

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If you had asked me a few years ago about my relationship with my father, I would have likely told you about some of the unresolved wounding and missing needs that were the challenges we faced…

However, this tribute has such a meaningful ending. In the last years, we were able to work through so many things, express so many feelings and get to a place of mutual love and respect that was surprising and inspirational.

IMG_0670Many of you may remember that in January, my father had his right leg removed. Because of how he responded, there was tremendous healing that took place–even in the face of what logically seemed like a tragic event. It was a great reminder that we always have a choice about what we do with the specific things that are taking place in our lives.

Gratefully, my father turned that tremendous challenge into a powerful opportunity to learn more about truly showing up, opening to receive and to trust others more fully. Ultimately our dad became an inspiration to all of us, unlike anything we had experienced with him prior.

My two sisters and I all showed up to play our parts in the healing as well. Then, since January, Dad has been operating independently, getting himself everywhere he needed to be in his power chair. These are two photos of him continuing to do the things he loved–gardening being one of his favorites–and these are pictures from just a few weeks ago.


It is not always clear what our souls have planned for our journeys. We can only choose to show up and make the most of each day, each lesson, each challenge and each opportunity. I would like to believe that the most important reason for all that we go through is simply to provide ways for us to learn how to love ourselves and one another, going through each step together.

And that is exactly what my dad spent his last few years doing, more than ever.

Even in his last day he made sure to be quite clear about making amends, reaching out to people he loved, making sure we were clear about what he wanted and needed, in order to create closure with his life.

Then he prayed that God would take him home…
And today, on Father’s Day, that is exactly what has happened.

My father is now with the angels and loved ones who have gone before him. We are relieved for how our lives and journeys have been enhanced, challenged and inspired because of our time with him–particularly in the last few years.

In closing, I encourage you all to use his courageous example… to remember that is NEVER too late to communicate with those you love, to work through the challenges that we all face, using each thing to learn how to give and receive, to share with honesty (particularly the challenges), so that you can create more healing and resolution in your lives.

I know that would make my dad quite happy to know that he has in some way touched you with his new-found inspiration.

And remember to love and value your father. Keep in mind that we can only do better when there is a safe place to have a learning curve WITH one another.

Blessings to you all…

The Power of Eclipses

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solar eclipseHello.

My goal in sharing here is to approach as many different perspectives that allow you to make informed choices that set you up well as possible.

We live in a world glutted by information these days… and so I believe it is important that we seek out information that allows us to actually transform our lives, shifting from fear, defense and separation into freedom, meaning and value. I am thrilled to have made such powerful, consistent shifts in my own life, and continue to do just that. And I am thrilled that the tools and perspectives that I share with my clients also empower each one to make powerful, consistent shifts in their lives as well.

Today (March 8 into March 9) we shift to a subject that I haven’t introduced before… the power of cycles and moves in the heavens around us. Whether you are into astrology and the movements of planets, those shifts are still taking place and have an energetic impact in all our lives.

Today we are having a powerful convergence called a solar eclipse. It just happens to be a new moon solar eclipse and the impact is likely going to be a powerful one in our world. And so I want to help you become a bit more informed about eclipses and how they work.

There are two types of eclipses. One is a solar eclipse, when the moon comes directly between the sun and the Earth, blocking out the energy and light from the sun for a brief time. Then there is a lunar eclipse, when the Earth comes directly between the sun and the moon, which blocks the light from the sun from reflecting off of the moon for a brief time.

A solar eclipse is an interruption in the energy of our mental bodies. And a lunar eclipse is an interruption in our emotional bodies.

Today’s new moon solar eclipse is interrupting the mental body and because it is a new moon that is involved, it involved a distinct stage in our emotional patterns as well.

This year of 2016 is a year very focused energetically on our dreams and visions… the specific things that we have decided are important in our individual lives. The energy is amping up, so that we are going to be able to more powerfully and immediately manifest whatever it is that we are committed to in our lives.

This eclipse is going to give a powerful boost to that vision… interrupting what has been and encouraging a boost of what we have decided to move toward in our lives. It is so important to understand that this will also involve what we have held in the subconscious (which includes our memories and decisions about life as it has occurred so far).

Therefore, it is so important to learn how to get in touch with the subconscious through an inner focus in our lives. This is the core of the work that I do with my clients… teaching them HOW to go inside in very safe and nurturing ways to release the pressure of charged feelings that we have likely buried along the way in our lives… so that we can release the fears that we have associated with those feelings. When we do, we become much freer to make the decisions of who we are in 2016 without the impact of our past sabotaging or coloring what we will allow ourselves to have or to manifest.

This solar eclipse is very much focused on boosting what we have in our visions, and releasing what no longer serves us. So look for clues in the coming weeks and months, about what you are clear no longer serves. This may also involve feelings coming up for no logical reason… which simply means they are rising up from the subconscious to be nurtured, expressed and released – relieving the pressure that they have held in your gut.

This can become a powerful time of enhancing transformation…

And so here is a practical suggestion for today:

Take a moment to get still, go inside and imagine the vision you have for your life. Be clear and be specific about what is important to you and why it is important. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you will have as this vision comes together for you. Go ahead and feel it NOW! 

Putting the energies out in very clear ways today, when we are in this opening from the eclipse… which will solidify over the coming two weeks… enhanced by the lunar eclipse that will take place on March 23. This is the doorway of your new vision to be focused on and clear.

If you have other questions about eclipses and the movements of energies that are taking place in our lives and in the world around us, please let me know.

For now… sending love your way.


The Power of the Nine Nurturing Needs

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Hopefully you have had a healthy start to 2016 and had plenty of reason to celebrate love in your life with the recent Valentine’s Day.
As I shared a few weeks back, my year started with “Unexpected Inspiration” from my father… who had to have his right leg amputated due to circulation complications. In my 24 days in the hospital with my dad, there was much opportunity for us to connect and share a very precious, vulnerable time for him.
The great news is that wonderful things can happen in times of crisis, as this can be a time when people open more fully than at any other time to receive the nurturing that they need.
This is exactly what happened for us!
I went through most of my childhood without my father acknowledging or addressing me even once. I do not remember a single conversation. This was devastating at the time, based on the fact that this was the time when I was meant to be receiving the Nine Nurturing Needs from my parents, my main caregivers.
I spent much of my life with this one core relationship as a big hole on the inside. I am happy to share that over time we have healed bit by bit… but this time in the hospital provided an opportunity for some major forward moves. And my father acknowledged me more in that 24 days than in my whole life, I believe. And acknowledgment is one of the nine nurturing needs!
This has inspired me to share some introductory information from my new book that will hopefully be coming out later this year… The Nine Nurturing Needs: Keys to True Fulfillment!
To get that introductory  information, all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter here. You can do it at the top of the blog or at the bottom of any page at ronbaker.net
I hope you will feel free to share this post with your friends and loved ones who would benefit from this deeply empowering information. I will go so far as to say that your ability to invest in these Nine Nurturing Needs is exactly what determines that quality of your life every single day!
Sending love your way.