Gabriel Message: An Acceleration of the 2019 Reckoning


Hello to you all.

This post is one that is deeply encouraging for each one of us to become clear about our deepest, most authentic commitments. What is most important in your life? What experiences are you truly committed to creating?

This is a time to be clear, because whatever your most authentic answers are to those questions will be accelerating in this last four-month period of 2019.

I have watched so many people having accelerated challenges come up in their lives. This is merely the manifestation in the physical of the energy that has been held inside us coming to the surface of our lives—ultimately to give us a chance to nurture those things directly.

Don’t forget that our challenges are a sacred part of our Soul plans. It is only in facing our challenges that we learn to negotiate and integrate new layers of our potential.

We face the challenge of riding a bike, so that we claim the capacity to ride and have that experience. We face the challenge of learning face our fears, so that we claim the capacity to nurture those fears—teaching our nervous system that there are indeed solutions.

Of course, this often requires that we have the tools and support to accomplish both of those goals. It is helpful to have an adult around to help us balance as we learn to ride the bike. And it is helpful to have a practitioner who is not afraid of feelings to teach us how to navigate that territory. Knowing this is rare is exactly WHY I dedicated my life to teaching people these crucial skills.

You are only ever as free as your capacity to feel and express your feelings.

With that much said, let’s hear Gabriel’s message about these next four months…

“There are many shifts that will be activated this fall. We will speak to you briefly about these things. There are many aspects coming together and the energetic movements will be powerful.

The forward movement of Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius will be quite powerful. You see, Jupiter represents the energy of the Soul commitment. In other words, this is the energy that attempts to open you to more of who you are authentically—ultimately leading to the revelation of your individual Soul plan.

Jupiter has the impact of expanding and opening energy, wherever it is located in your chart. And what it ends up actually opening is the energy that you hold inside. In other words, it reveals you to yourself.

This is why you need to become clear about your deepest commitments—whether you are committed to consciously moving toward your Soul path or you are attempting to move away from what you fear and want to avoid. That will never work.

At this time, Jupiter will reveal whatever stands in the way of your Soul’s unfolding. If you move toward what is most important in your life, trusting your Soul will bring you into the arenas that you most need to develop, you will set yourself up well. And your path will expand accordingly, opening to more joy and feeling aligned.

If you choose to fight and avoid that flow and the shifts that are needed to get you more fully directed to your Soul Plan, holding onto your agendas of fear, then this big energy will highlight your fight and help you manifest things to fight. Anything that is out of balance will be shaken up. This is so that you become particularly aware of the imbalance and have chances to make corrections and enhancements in your approach.

For those of you who are new to astrology, the simplest way to begin is that all things have energy and create an impact when they move. The same is true for you, when you make a move in your life, you impact life around you.

Jupiter has a 12 year cycle in its journey around the Sun. It impacts every astrological sign, returning to its most natural home base every 12 years. If you pay attention to the last time it came into this particular position, which was 2007 into 2008, you can see how it shook up and revealed many things that were quite out of balance. The United States (and your world) went through a “fall apart,” which was intended to be a wakeup call—encouraging you to pay attention to the choices that were out of balance, not being practiced with integrity.

The time has come for your to re-evaluate the shifts you have made since then. So as you move into this time, stand in the truth of what you have learned since 2008. If you have not learned and have not adjusted, you will find an even greater shake up and interruption of your wounded patterns taking place over the next years.

2019 will now become a year of review and deeper reckoning—which we called it in January.

Jupiter has already crossed much of Sagittarius this year, prior to going retrograde. In these last months, you have been in a huge review of the issues that you need to face—whether you have paid attention to that reality or not. And Jupiter will soon begin to move forward activating… activating everything in your lives with its expansion energies, based on the truth of your commitments.

This will be a time of acceleration. Review what you have learned in order to be prepared. Those of you who are more focused on the joy of your lives, making choices in the balance of giving and receiving, practicing the art of mutual value, will find those energies and opportunities expanding. And you will find yourself ready to transcend many of the limitations that have known.

Jupiter will create a tremendous momentum, no matter what you have been choosing. If you are still in resistance and defense, not interacting in your lives with balance and mutual value, you may find an even greater “fall apart” occurring than what took place in 2008.

Just imagine that the energy of Jupiter is attempting to spiral down into your bodies, opening and deepening you into an awareness of your Soul energy and your most authentic joy. If you open and allow, you will be more joyous than you have known. Or Jupiter will spiral down and end up confronting the blockages that you have held in the way—in the name of fighting, resisting and separating—and it will create friction, bringing that resisted energy to the surface of your lives.

This is the trajectory that you can expect and the time of true reckoning will begin. Reckoning is nothing more than coming face to face with the truth of what you hold inside—what you resonate with. It will be a tremendous time of rewarding, validating and bringing light to your commitments. it is all working to encourage you to align with your Divine Soul Plan.

This is something that you began to activate in the planetary initial last September. It is now a new depth of the awakening Soul Plan and the birth of the Wonder Child inside each one of you. This is the experiential energy of the Soul.

The more you focus on these energies, the more you will be working with these expansive Soul energies in your own life. This is what you have to look forward to, if you are committed to the Soul journey.

Then in 2020 Jupiter will move into Capricorn, where you will begin to implement a plan for integrating the new vision and the expansive energies into your life. This is what will set the next 12 years into motion, with a conscious commitment to deepening the Soul Plan. You are learning to integrate the Will of the Soul into your lives.

Jupiter will meet Saturn, the energetic planet that sets the Soul curriculum for the next 12 years. It will then purify what does not serve that Soul plan. Pluto will also be connected, which gives you a focus on the Akashic of your lives, or the Soul history of your lives.

Do you see how each of these outer planets are mostly focused on the highest part of your lives, versus the inner planets, which focus more on the physical, emotional and mental energies of your personality selves.

You are preparing for a huge leap of consciousness into a new Soul-integrated experience on your planet. And in order for that to happen for the whole, more individuals need to align with the Soul process and understand how to integrate those energies. Then you can begin to inspire many others to join.

It is a time that will accelerate your life commitments. So choose wisely and set yourselves up well.

Blessed be.”

Ron Baker