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Create a Kickass, Meaningful Vision for Your life

Having a KickAss Meaningful Vision is a big part of what it takes to love waking up every day. 

You can feel clear, confident, aligned, passionate and excited about your life. You are only one step away!

Claiming Your AuthentiC Self: Abundance, Intimacy and Proactive Health

By learning to create a nurturing relationship with yourself, every part of your life will blossom.

Discover the nine nurturing experiences that are the keys to greater fulfillment.



Private Sessions with Ron Baker

Private Sessions with Ron are limited, due to high demand.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list for upcoming sessions, please reach out to us.


Affiliates: Our goal is to make this life-changing work accessible to everyone. For those who need some financial help, we have created ways for you to get discounts on all the courses.