In order to create a healthy relationship with ourselves, it is vital that we learn to identify and nurture our feelings.

Literally every move we make is to inspire or move toward an experience that we want to have OR all to often to move away from experiences (feelings) that we want to avoid.

In order to learn that we are SAFE to feel all our feelings, we must first learn to even identify them. So this page is set up to offer a list of feelings. I hope you will find it helpful to become much more familiar with a "starter" list of feelings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the link at the top of this page.

FEELINGS (two polarities)

Safe - Unsafe
Validated - Invalidated
Free - Trapped
In charge - Overwhelmed
Connected - Disconnected
Nurtured - Abandoned
Confident - Unsure
Courageous - Fearful
Full - Empty
Honored - Betrayed
Purposeful - Aimless
Ecstasy - Agony
Interested - Aloof
Accepted - Rejected
Valued - Belittled
Wanted - Unwanted
Calm - Agitated
Worthy - Unworthy
Forgiving - Bitter
Peace - Animosity
Validated - Invalidated
Supported - Attacked
Clear - Confused
Lovable - Unlovable
Self-Forgiving - Ashamed
Peaceful - Chaotic
Free - Trapped
Worthwhile - Diminished
Flowing - Blocked
Graceful - Awkward
Agreeable - Argumentative
Concerned - Apathetic
Trustful - Apprehensive
Self-sufficient - Needy
Respected - Deceived
Cooperative - Defiant
Careful - Careless
Excited - Bored
Relieved - Burdened
Abundant - Deprived
Mature - Childish
Fair - Unjust
Purposeful - Purposeless
Humble - Self-important
Hopeful - Hopeless
Serene - Anxious
Safe - Threatened
Good Enough - Not Good Enough
Successful - Failure
Connected - Disconnected
Powerful - Powerless

and the list goes on and on....