Enjoy this Life-Enhancing video and
Two Guided Meditations

I’m so glad you are here! I look forward to sharing these simple, and yet powerful tools with you.
These are examples of what I’ve been sharing with people all around the world over the last 25 years.

First I’ve included segments of a videos, which reveals an interesting way you can create a more solid connection with your inner self.

I will now show you how EASY it is to meditate!
Both of these guided meditations focus on creating a more fulfilling relationship with your inner self.

This first one establishes a meaningful connection with your inner child… the part of you that is likely frozen in some limiting impressions from the first eight years of your life.



So much of our fear, shame and judgment can be traced back to the early memories of our childhoods.

Establishing an inner connection to this “child part” of your nervous system is so important for introducing more fulfilling, adult potentials into your life.

And this second meditation will help you evaluate and enhance the relationships you now have in your life.


Creating Meaningful Relationships

This meditation teaches you a few powerful ways to set yourself up really well as a foundation for relationships that get better and better... 


Music by Rick Nichols

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