“All About” Claiming
Your Authentic Self


I am so glad you are here—a place to find clear, life-changing answers about you whole, most authentic Self.

There is so little education about the map of Self and the 3 levels of potential that we all hold inside us. And yet, this is the most exciting education that we could seek.

Why? Because your relationship to every other thing and every other person in your life comes out of the relationship you are having to yourself. If another person brings up something that you fear, your nervous system will want to shut down, protect and defend. Where we hold fear, shame or judgment, we run into trouble staying open and allowing a loving connection.

What I have now been teaching thousands of people around the world is that it is entirely possible to heal the wounded myths of fear and shame that we carry… by learning to have a much wiser, more informed education about ourselves and why our lives are set up with such distinct challenges.

IF YOU ARE READY to move beyond these blockages and limitations, you are in the right place!

This course—”Claiming Your Authentic Self”— is divided into 12 week segments.

This first segment will provide many things:

  • a clear map and education about the whole Self

  • an awareness of the 9 nurturing needs that we all share and seek more than any other thing in our lives

  • an understanding of how your life was set up with a specific “soul curriculum” in the first 8 years of your life… and how to identify what your soul has chosen

  • how to establish a healthy relationship with your inner child self

  • specific tools for connecting to your physical, emotional and mental energies… so that you can claim more of your personal potential for fulfilment and peace

  • healthy clues for navigating your fear and resistance, so that you learn to move beyond them in nurturing ways

  • how to prepare for healthy relationships, a greater flow of abundance and proactive health


All of these things are possible, when you have a clear education about Self and what is possible. I hope you will make this priceless investment in yourself.

And if you are on this page, it is because you are new to the community or soul family, as I prefer to call us… and this is a special introduction to this course.

For only $20 per week, you can shift your life into a new gear. You can be freer than ever before. I hope you will give this to yourself, so that you can join others in finding out how to put all of the tools you may have gathered so far into a clear path of Claiming Your Most Authentic Self—the grand prize that we all seek.

That is what stands before you. (I know what you have to look forward to. I watch it unfolding every day). Don’t wait for that little voice inside you to convince you to “stay in your limited, familiar comfort zone.” This is the safest, most empowering thing you could do…

Claim you now! Yay.