Winter get-away (to some warmth) retreat:
“Showing up for myself!”


February, 2020

(Suburb of Tampa, Florida)

How would you like to spend a 3+ day weekend getting away from all your stresses in the middle of winter?

Are you like tons of others - so focused on the outer goals and structures of your life, that you don’t take time to nurture your inner, experiential Self? The bottom line for creating a fulfilling life is not how much you achieve or how busy and in-demand your life has become, but rather… it is the QUALITY OF YOUR DAY-TO-DAY EXPERIENCES.

Not only will these 3+ days in warm, sunny Florida be a great relief from the stresses of cold weather,
it will also be a time when you will learn how to take your life to the next level of personal fulfillment.

I’m Ron Baker and I am self-mastery coach.
For the last 25 years, I’ve been teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives.
Many say the enhancements they experience are not only surprising, but beyond what they had even imagined possible.

What’s even better is that this can be done with SIMPLE, PRACTICAL TOOLS.
Let me show you how.

FIRST STEP: Ask yourself a couple of simple questions (and be honest):
Do you have stress or anxiety that you don’t know how to resolve?
Would you like to be able to move through each day calmer, clearer and more inspired?
Would you like to feel more comfortable and connected in your relationships?
Do you have some specific challenges that you would like to resolve?

The good news is that whether you are having a physical challenge or an emotional one,
I can almost always help… and rather quickly.

I have found that very few people are able to claim:
”I know how to create a life that gets reliably better and better.”

And yet, that is exactly what is possible. I know it, because I live it.
I trust it, because I have already watched thousands of people doing just that.
That is what I now wish for you…

SECOND STEP: Imagine taking a break from the busy-ness of your life,
making a priceless investment in yourself, surrounded by THIS…


Come together with other awesome people from around the world, creating some personal magic on 3.5 acres of beauty.

In addition to what you will learn about improving your life (in this beautiful tiki pavilion), you will be nourished by a private chef… eating healthy meals.

There will also be lots of time to relax at the pool, hang around the fire pit, play in the game room and in the movie theatre, explore with kayaks on the river or enjoy the view from the rooftop deck.


3 full days of play, joy and self-nurturing for the Early Bird investment of $2475.
(through Nov 30 and 2775. after that!)

FINAL STEP: RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW (Only 20 spots available) or reach out for more info!

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