The Power of Reiki


The power of Reiki and Light ascension

In today’s world, more and more people are seeking holistic paths of healing. Ron Baker has been training healing practitioners for over 20 years at his School of Self-Mastery in New York City.

With rising costs of health insurance and hospital bills, the power of proactive health couldn’t be more helpful.

Ron’s class will focus on teaching many different things:

  • Becoming a Reiki Master in four levels

  • Awakening the power centers of the body

  • Giving you a way to create proactive health for yourself

  • Showing you how powerful nurturing is in your life and in the lives of those around you

Ron has countless stories of people’s lives being enhanced through this course… whether people’s goals have been learning how to awaken more of the Authentic Self, learning to become a healing practitioner or just learning how to nurture.

Create a sense of real empowerment.

One Wednesday evening per month,
this four-hour class will only be $250.

Come for as many levels as you choose. Empower your life!