Most recent Worldwide meditation:

Resurrection of the Divine Soul PLan/ Birth of the Wonder Child 

took place on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Focused on the Ancient SItes of Ireland  

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If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I am thrilled that you are here!

 SOME BACKGROUND INFO on the Meditation and the events that led to Sept 8, 2018:

From 1997 to 2012, I have been leading journeys to sacred sites around the planet and organizing worldwide meditations to bring attention to some profound, unprecedented energetic shifts that are taking place on our planet. The energies that are accelerating are a natural part of our evolution. These new levels of energy are attempting to raise consciousness and to inspire us from the limitations of survival consciousness into the inherent potential that we all hold for soul consciousness.

Our planet has entered a time of profound acceleration and evolution that is energetically supporting us to open us into the potential of the soul, accessed in our heart centers--awakening qualities such as joy, wonder, unity, compassion and mutual value.

Just as we can all see symptoms of outer shifts and breakthroughs that have taken place over the last 30 years--and the fact that we have made more outer progress in those 30 years than we have known in the 3000 years prior--that same awakening and enhancement is attempting to take place in our individual lives and bodies.

Because people have so habitually resisted change, we are seeing clear symptoms of resistance and friction. We have a planet that is much more addicted to numbing out feelings, as well as a huge rise in fatalities from disease or suicide.

All of these outer shifts are taking place due to an acceleration of energy--both the acceleration in new possibilities and the acceleration of breakdown.

When you raise the vibration and frequency of energy, you have the potential for raising and awakening consciousness... much like ice shifting from its frozen, dense form to the flow of water... and then to steam. Those are three different experiences of the same body of cells that are capable of shifting from one expression to another, all based on the flow and acceleration of energy.

That is the very process that is taking place on our planet, and it is impacting every facet of our lives. Since 1997, there has been a series of energetic accelerations that are initiating each of the shifts and expansions that I have mentioned. As a starting place, consider that an "initiation" is simply a beginning--energy that is initiating a new movement of energy, a new intention and a new awakening.

Shifting from one level of life experience to the next is a natural phenomenon that we can see throughout history. Looking back we have the stone age, the bronze age and then the iron age. We have the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Age and the Age of Technology. There have been so many stages that we have moved through as a planet.

The energies that are taking place have the potential to inspire a move from one level of consciousness to the next. Let me share about that more fully... 


We all hold the potential for three levels of consciousness--the wonder of child consciousness, the empowerment of adult consciousness and the greatness of soul consciousness. However, because we have had so little education about who are truly are and the potentials that we all hold, we have been a planet moving through the learning curve of the first level. Without a clear map of what is required to create a healthy connection to that first level, we have been a planet stuck in what I call "Survival Consciousness."

Some symptoms of survival consciousness include going through the motions of our lives, fulfilling structures like buying houses, going to jobs and paying bills, but having little idea how to create an intimate connection with our inner selves--or with one another. When we are in survival consciousness, we are like wounded children looking outside ourselves for something to fill us and to validate our worth. In survival consciousness, we move through life often feeling separate, defended and unclear that so much more is possible.

While these things may be true in your life, let me also assure that moving through the challenges of survival consciousness is a natural and necessary part of our learning. If we learn from negotiating these foundations of what life can be in the physical, then we realize this is a vital stage. It is not bad and wrong to have challenges and limitations. There is no need for judgment of this stage of learning.

Just as a physical child has the potential to grow into the capacities of physical adulthood, we also hold the capacity to grow in consciousness--moving from the wounds of fear, shame and judgment into empowered adult consciousness and then into the greatness of soul consciousness. 

It is entirely possible to create lives of meaning, value and purpose. It is entirely possible to move into the qualities of the heart and to heal the wounds of survival consciousness. The energies that have been accelerating outer progress in these last decades are also moving in our bodies, attempting to support us into the potential of the soul, birthing the experience of the innocent wonder that is held within us all.


The energetic shifts that have been taking place since 1997 have been moving us through a series of seven initiations. These are universal initiations. They have been demonstrated in the lives of any number of master teachers throughout our history. The Eastern traditions know these shifts as the move through the seven chakras or energy centers that are part of each one of us. Many people in the West are more familiar with the seven initiations that were demonstrated in the life of the one, Jesus.

Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Renunciation, Crucifixion/Ending, Resurrection/Beginning and Ascension into a new level of consciousness. Though most people have never been introduced to the process of change and transformation through an understanding of these seven levels, they are a beautiful part of each one of us.

We have all experienced simple versions of these stages, any time we have moved through a distinct change in our lives. You introduce something new in the birth initiation and then negotiate it into your life through each consecutive step. Once we learn to embrace these stages as natural and beautiful ways to navigate our way into more of our individual and collective potentials, the more fully we will learn to flow with life.

We are all sacred individuals at various levels of the process of growth. Each stage is necessary and sacred. First grade is just as sacred as when we are there as fifth or tenth grade. Each one merely represents a next natural step. Each first day of a new grade is an initiation into new potentials.


In this unprecedented time of initiation and acceleration on the planet, the SOUL part of each one of us has been inspiring a more powerful movement of initiations than anything we have known on the planet. This is a rare and profound time to be alive, as we are now faced with the opportunity of moving into the potential of "more" in our lives. In order for this shift to take place, the natural process often creates a shake up in what is familiar, all in an attempt to wake us into an evaluation of what is working in our lives and what is not.

In this case, so many of us have been habitually making choices to dance around our fear, shame and judgment in survival consciousness. Our souls are now attempting to shake up those energies, so they can come to the surface of our lives to be nurtured and resolved. Shake up is a vital stage, as it is what inspires us to explore and discover our empowered adult potentials, as we attempt to resolve any pain, shame and conflict that we may have been carrying. This is how we are encouraged to search for deeper truths and solutions--much like the process a healthy parent would encourage a child to move through as they face each challenge and move through natural learning curves.

The initiations that are taking place are accelerating the energies that move through our bodies, prodding us to respond, nurture and honor anything that comes up as we learn to move toward an awakening created by our own souls. This is good news, IF you are choosing to show up and respond--learning to nurture and value your particular challenges. However, it is also important to note that the energies are still going to move, even if you choose to go into a deeper resistance to change that moves you out of familiar comfort zones where we tend to hide when we are in survival consciousness. This will only exacerbate the impact of friction with the natural flow of life. 

The great news is that we all have a choice. We all have the opportunity to learn with each thing that takes place in the world around us. Who are you choosing to be within all that is happening? This is important to ask yourself, as we prepare for another acceleration and shake up in this year. 


This is finally the time when the larger plan... the Divine Soul Plan for the planet... is ready to begin to penetrate our lives and our planet, prodding us baby birds from the nests of our familiar comfort zones into more that is possible. That is the energy of this year. 

When we learn how to nurture and value ourselves (a process that is vital for all people at some point in their soul journeys), we heal the wounded child who has been stuck in survival consciousness... and open to become the Wonder Child facet of our sacred beings. This is the BIRTH of the soul energy coming into our lives in a deeper way, allowing us to see more that is possible in each moment. This is when we gradually transform into greater purity of heart, safer and safe to choose love, connection, intimacy, meaning, value and purpose. These are symptoms of soul consciousness.

Though these are the energies that are attempting to become integrated into our lives, know that this transformation will not take place magically. These are energies that will shake up our comfort zones. And each one of us needs to seek the help we need from those who have dedicated their lives to the process of healing and personal transformation. That is certainly what we have offered in our school of self-mastery since 1997.

Whether you explore here at (through the courses and workshops that we offer) or you explore somewhere else, it is important to know that these energies will shake up and wake up our comfort zones of survival consciousness. We all need to learn how to nurture and heal our fear, shame and judgment--willing to move through the birth canal as we shift into a greater depth of experience than we have ever known. That is the opportunity.

Now imagine swimming against the current of a river (the river of life), because a part of you is afraid of change. Now imagine that the amount of water and the speed of the current amps up by 10 times or even 100 times. The opportunity is to respond, to nurture and learn to value ourselves and one another--going for the ride of our lives into new potentials and depths that transcend the limits we have known... or we choose to fight and struggle, which will only create the natural impact of friction against the flow of life. 

The Astrology and other World Events

Many astrological events are occurring at this time, which support this tremendous shift in consciousness.

1. First we have Uranus (the higher will of the soul) moving into the Earth sign of Taurus in May, 2018. This implies that grounding of the intentions of the higher will or soul plan into the Earth/physical realm in a much deeper way. Sure, this happens a number of times in Uranus' 84-year cycle. However, this time...

2. it coordinates with the aligning of the Sun (the heart chakra, which is the integration point of the soul on the Galactic Cross. The symbol of the cross is where physical and spirit meet. This alignment of the sun, which also holds the "upper soul seat," which is where you contain the energy of your individual soul plan.

This alignment of Sun on the Galactic Cross takes place on June 21, 2018--the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere/ the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. What is important to understand is that this alignment of the Sun on the Galactic Cross only takes place every 26,000 years, making it one of the most profound galactic events in this time of planetary evolution. (first made clear to me by Gemini Brett in a recent talk on Astrology Hub).

3. On top of all that, we have ALL planets going retrograde this summer, in preparation. Retrogrades typically equal a time of looking back on the lessons of each planet, re-visiting those energies and then giving you a 2nd chance to make even healthier choices as they move forward to cover that some ground as we move toward the end of the summer.

In addition, the only planetary bodies that are NOT going retrograde are Venus and the Sun. Well, what do you think those represent. Venus represents the soul energy moving in to integrate with the feminine, emotional energy in us all... and the Sun represents the heart, where that soul coming in lands and integrates. This is a huge set up for the soul to bring up emotion that is held in fear, shame and judgment... so that we can all learn to clear the path for the soul's integration in our lives.

This requires some knowledge and tools... which is exactly what we teach at my school of self-mastery, available in courses here at Even if you don't invest here, it is so important that you get that information, support and "know-how" for working with these energies. They will be moving and they will have a powerful impact. So make sure to take care of yourself and not get stuck in magical thinking that all of these energies will move without you playing a proactive role.

4. And on June 17, Osaka Japan was rocked by a 6.1 Earthquake. The reason this is so relevant is that quite often just prior to these planetary initiations, specific locations experience shake-up's that bring the world's attention to those areas. These are divinely configured in many ways. For instance, in 1997, just prior to the initiation intended to open the heart chakra in an unprecedented way, preparing us to move into the this center of soul integration, Machu Picchu, Peru (the planetary heart chakra) had a tremendous fire burn three mountains that surrounded this sacred site. This archetypally represented burning away the old energies of the lower three chakras that need to be cleared for a move into the heart.

The earthquake in Osaka, Japan, which just happens to be the 6th chakra of the planet has now been shaken up on a physical level, creating an opening for energy to move... and for the collective attention of the planet to be placed on the energy and people of Osaka. There have been many different shake-up's over these 15 years of doing journeys which I hope to share in a book one of these days.

These are all affirmations on a grand scale that this can become one of the most exciting transitions into connection, intimacy and mutual value that we have ever known... IF WE RESPOND AND SET OURSELVES UP WELL.


By coming together on Saturday, Sept 8 @ 4pm GMT (time zones will be listed soon, so that you know exactly what time to participate in your part of the world)... We create a much greater impact impact when we come together, willing to ground the powerful energies that are moving into our personal lives.

We live in a world that so needs us all to show up. Over the last 15 worldwide meditation events, we built an audience of over 16 million people. So join with so many others now and make a difference. Our world has a profound need!

In order for this to be a huge success for us all, your help is needed to pass the word.
Then on
 Saturday, Sept 8, we will all be able to come together with a common intention of a planet that opens to the energy of the soul, so that we can move beyond the conflicts and crises that have been a vital part of this "accelerated shake-up of survival consciousness."
You are the change. I am the change. Together we make a real difference.

Stay tuned into for more INFORMATION as we get closer to September.
More details for the meditation for the planet will follow!

If you don't have a process for working WITH these new energies, understanding how to nurture and resolve the wounding of fear, shame and judgment that you have carried, you are in the right place. That is exactly what I have spent the last 27 years providing for thousands of people around the world. Let me know what you need, so that you, too, can take advantage of these unprecedented opportunities and create a life that gets better and better and better!

Come together with millions of people who will be gathering for this event...
the specific intentions and words to share with others who will be doing the same all around the globe.
Share with your friends and family, so that we can all come together to create a resonance that is powerful. We live in a world that desperately needs hope... and a new direction and purpose. The Resurrection of the Divine Soul Plan!