Gabriel's Overview of 2019

2019 - A Year of Reckoning

Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Ron Baker

As a follow-up of 2018, “A Year of Shakeup’s” that also birthed the Divine Plan in a new and powerful way. In order to create a balance of the scales in our world, what is out of balance must be revealed, nurtured and resolved. With that in mind, here is Gabriel’s Overview of 2019.

“Dearly beloved children of light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We have come at this time to share with you about 2019, a year we are calling “A Year of Reckoning.” It will be a year when you must take responsibility for your choices in a way that you have never been asked to do. The immediacy of this time will be profound in your lives.

You will be impacted by the collective, but your individual energies are what make up the collective. So please know that your choices as an individual impact the grid, the good of the whole, in ways that you have barely begun to imagine.

You are a part of the resonance of the whole. This is something that more of you need to consider. So often in your wounding you have felt as if you truly don’t matter and as if your choices truly don’t matter.

For those of you who have not been doing the inner work to build a solid sense of self-value, you will have felt rather insignificant to face the bigger pictures and the larger events that take place on your planet. Keep in mind that these larger events are also being impacted, chosen and set into motion by individuals…

Some individuals are not more powerful than other individuals. It is just that some individuals are more practiced at showing up, more willing to impose, express, release their preferences into the collective.

So we suggest that you get in touch with what is most important to you, and that you begin to make choices that align with your vision of what is truly important to you. Make choices that align with those visions. This gives you a clear resonance to impact. The more you practice, the better you will become at doing such a thing… the more powerful you will become as an energy in the world.

You are not all here to impact life on a planetary level. But this is a tricky statement, because you actually do impact life on a planetary level with your individual choices. Each of your choices becomes a part of the resonance of love, meaning, value and purpose in the collective or become a part of the resonance of fear, shame and judgment.

Your energy is a distinct unit in the whole. If you align yourself with your vision, moving toward the things that matter to you, you will align with meaning, value and purpose. When you do this, you begin to align yourself with other individuals who are doing a similar thing. In this wya, you become much more powerful.

You need each other for inspiration. Because the world is at a time when there will be great revelations continuing to occur. One side of those revelations equals discovering all that is out of balance on your planet. It is so easy to become sucked into the overwhelm over how much has been out of balance.

You have been a planet at a certain level or resonance or awareness, consciousness and integration. The learning curve at this particular level of learning has involved a great deal of wounding… fear, shame and judgment.

If you are working to heal, nurture and resolve your personal levels of fear, shame and judgment, you will be a resonance of empowerment and clarity. You will tap a greater potential to move into more fulfilling alternatives. However, if you have not been building a nurturing resolution in your own life, facing the challenges of your individual soul set up, you will be pulled much more fully by the acceleration of these revelations… all that is not working, that is out of balance, that needs to become clear as a distinct challenge for you all to face.

You have weather challenges, systematic challenges, governmental challenges. All of these come out of individuals impacting the collective. Individuals either aligning with fear, shame and judgment or practicing meaning, value and purpose.

So we are encouraging that you are now at a powerful crossroads and potential tipping point, able to shift a wounded world into a more conscious, empowered world. This will not happen without you.

What do we mean? You are needed and necessary. Each one of you is a distinct unit in the whole and you are needed in order to tilt the planet in the directions that are important to you. By merely learning how to love, nurture and value yourself, you will naturally prepare to love, nurture and value the planet, as well as one another.

If, on the other hand, you do not invest in this internal transformation, you will continue to habitually resonate with resistance, avoidance, separation, as well as fear, shame and judgment. These are the primary symptoms of wounding that have occurred on the planet in this particular level of learning.

You will accelerate those commitments in the year of 2019. It is indeed a Year of Reckoning. What do we mean?

It is a time to take responsibility—like it or not—for your choices. It is a time to realize that you are more powerful than you have realized. The impact of your collective choices have created what you now face on the planet. The collective impact of fear, shame and judgment. The collective impact of being wounded children, unaware and in some cases, unwilling to shift out of the agendas of your wounded compensations.

By that we refer to your defenses, your gratifications, your indulgences and your distractions. This is a time of reckoning. It is a time when you will no longer be able to just “coast in unconsciousness.”

This will no longer be possible, with the new levels of energy that are moving on your planet. You now need to wake up, before you feel victimized by the “wave of collective consciousness.” All that is out of balance comes from the collective consciousness of individuals choosing wounded compensations.

One example might be what you refer to as “narcissism”. Narcissism is a necessary stage when you are intended to learn how to focus on self, claiming a sense of self, followed by the natural stage of balancing your own needs and concerns with those of others.

However, for the most part, you have gotten caught in “wounded narcissism,” where instead of claiming self in this beautiful stage, you learned to gratify and indulge self. You have learned to replace meeting the authentic needs of self with an indulgence of primitive pleasures and controls and escapes and numbing out. There are so many ways that this has been the collective choice.

But this time to look toward narcissism as a healthy choice to claim and build a sense of self. Building a healthy sense of self is a natural foundation necessary in your learning that most people have skipped, because of the passed on wounding within your family systems.

Your wounded narcissism must be interrupted, which is one of the primary goals in this year of reckoning. You need to wake up and claim your potential as empowered adults, rather than being stuck in the choices of wounded children. The wave of collective consciousness, the resonance of your collective choices is at a day of reckoning and there will be no escaping.

Choosing to resist, defend, oppose, shame and blame will not help you. Imagine that a house is on fire and you get caught up saying, “He did it. She did it. They are the reason the house is burning…”, rather than responding and finding out what you can do to put out the fire.

So caught up in who you can blame, rather than what can I do to help the situations that are before us. What can you each do to make a real difference. This is what will set you up much more powerfully for the “Year of Reckoning.”

You are so capable. You have been built with so much capacity, but you have not learned to trust much of that capacity, by exploring, practicing and developing those gifts, so caught up in the choices of wounded narcissism, fear, shame and judgment.

In the stage of learning you have been in, you have lacked role models to encourage that the choices of meaning, value and purpose are indeed possible. But we are telling you that there are now models on your planet. An example comes from the 27 years we have spent educating this particular channel… in ways to respond, nurture and resolve, transforming and enhancing the quality of life… not only for himself, but also for all of those whom he teaches.

We merely use him as one example of a role model who knows how to take steps, powerful steps into meaning, value and purpose, into transformation, into a world that reflects the visions of what matters to you most.

Those visions are what will allow you to enhance one another’s lives. He has spent three decades creating this in his own life, and within the community of people who have already been gathering with him.

There are role models. There are tools. There are ways for you to become much more effective in how you set your life up and take your place in the collective. Of course you are already in the collective, based on the choices you have already been making, impacting from that old resonance. But we now refer to taking your place consciously, as a resonance of healing resolutions and empowered choices. A resonance of meaning, value and purpose is entirely possible.

Predictions? We suggest that many more things will be falling apart this year. Why? They are not built on solid ground, from individuals who have implemented systems of meaning, value and purpose. And where that has not been the case, the systems will fall apart. Some will be gradual and some will seem immediate.

Of course, this is an illusion. The immediacy merely equals reaching a moment when the impact of collective choices has revealed a weak foundation… that eventually becomes so shaky that it can no longer sustain the wounded imbalance. And so those will fall apart right beneath your feet.

These may seem to be dire predictions, but we suggest that this time is a vital stage in the wake up of your learning curve. If you are choosing to move toward healing solutions in your own life, you can become that much more proactive in forming healing solutions with those around you.

However, if you are not choosing healthier alternatives, committed to the same old indulgence, escape and distraction, you will be quite shocked at how the ground beneath your feet is no longer reliable.

To move into deeper blame and shame when the systems are falling apart around you will do nothing but deepen the same imbalances and the impact of resistance will be yours.

And so we encourage you to seek and practice wiser approaches and solutions, wiser ways to love, nurture and value yourself, the planet and one another. This “Year of Reckoning” will be a distinct time of deepening commitments—either to fear, shame and judgment or to meaning, value and purpose.

The energies that are now pouring into your planet are at a much higher vibration than they were just a few decades ago. Each year they continue to increase in their impact. The planet is shifting from one level of learning into a new level of tremendous potential.

The planet is shifting, no matter what you choose as an individual. We wish for you to make this a graceful, enhancing time of coming together with other individuals who are focused on building visions of meaning, value and purpose.

Come together. Come together. Come together. Together, moving toward life with meaning, value and purpose, you will discover the keys the kingdom. You will discover a life that gets richer, better, deeper and more fulfilling, unlike anything you have known.

It may seem quite strange to imagine that this is possible, while many systems are falling apart around you. Become a part of the discovery of more effective choices and solutions. This is what stands before you in very clear ways. Either way, we stand in the truth that 2019 will indeed be a “Year of Reckoning.”

Blessed be.

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