The Process of Writing a Book, part one

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Hello all.

I am creating this blog post to begin sharing my process and journey of writing a book--including the many steps that are needed in order to get it released through a mainstream publisher. I am hoping this will be inspiring to those of you who are seeking to do something similar. I will make sure to share any tips that I learn along the way.

1. Having a Message that Moves You

The first thing I will say is how important it is to have a message that is meaningful to you. If you start with a message that moves you, chances are there is a clear audience that will be moved as well.

In my case, I am sharing a process that changed my life. It is a process that has already helped thousands of people around the world to create empowering transformations in their lives as well.

I am calling the book, Fulfilled at Last! I now know that is called the "working title".

In the book I not only share the keys to the process of empowerment that I already know and trust will create healing shifts in the lives of those who are willing to integrate these expanded perspectives about self and the tools of transformation that allow the information to become integrated. I will also be sharing some of my personal story... starting with the challenges I had to face and work through in order to create a life that sets me up to grow more fulfilled all the time. 

This is a message that definitely moves me, because I know it will help many others create a life that gets better and better and better.  My vision is to inspire one million "proactive nurturers" in the world who create lives that are built on the practice of mutual value--starting with learning to nurture and value self.


2. Writing the First Draft

Getting thoughts down on the page in a way that is clear and inspiring is quite a task. What I will say is that if you imagine you are sharing what you write with someone you really care about, it will make it much more fulfilling to go through the process of making sure you are clear and authentic.


2. Working with a Team

I have had tons of opportunities in my careers. I have had the privilege to perform over 60 leading roles in broadway shows and opera all over the world. And then I created a school of self-mastery in NYC, where I have created curriculum for three tiers of training. I have also led 15 worldwide events from sacred sites around the planet, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the temples of Peru and Tibet. And I am a slow learner... because I have done almost all of those things on my own, without much support structure.

And now, with this book and the creation of a new online platform, I am finally getting smarter! I have decided to finally include a team of supporters who can become a part of the vision I am creating. (I love that inspiration is mutual. While these people are becoming an inspiration in my vision, I am somehow becoming an inspiration for them to fulfill pieces of their life vision. The time we spend is equally about all of us! That is so important to remember.)

For this project, I decided to hire an editor to make sure that I am setting myself up well, learning a new industry and hopefully avoiding having to do everything two or three times because I have such a large learning curve. And I am thrilled with my decision!

Rebecca from KN Literary Arts is the editor that I hired and she has been a stunning support and inspiration in the moments when I have gone into fear and self-doubt. Yes, I have tools for processing those things emotionally. But it has been much more effective to have someone to share the journey who already has experience with each of the new steps I am taking. She helps me stay clear on the priorities and encourages me to go through my natural learning curve.

It is so nice to have resources in people who are great a what they do, who can answer questions and encourage as well. This may not be right for everyone, but it has been wonderful for me. 


So where am I now in the process? I have just sent her the first half of the manuscript for a second edit. The first was a structural edit, where she made a handful of comments about what needed some tweaks... in order to have a clear through-line in the book. That was relatively painless! Yay. I was very concerned that it would be harder and more painful. However, because of the small tweaks that took place as I have been writing the first draft, there were no major surprises.

Now I am sending the book off for "line edits", where she will make sure that every line flows, every paragraph flows and every chapter flows in a way that conveys the message in an efficient clear way...

I will keep you posted as things continue. I hope to get more of you involved in the process, helping with choices like covers, etc. And if you have any questions about the process of creating that you are going through, please let me know...

All the best to you, as you work on whatever your goals and visions include!

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