Feeling Safe with Scary Subjects

Sex. Death. Negative Feelings. Are you comfortable with these subjects? Are there any that truly scare you to imagine talking about in your life?

So often we become scared of subjects when we are young, simply because those around us didn't talk about them. It's amazing how often we end up passing on fear and shame from generation to generation with so many subjects.

There is great news. There is an "adult reality" that is far deeper and safer than the wounded child's perceptions that we often carry in our lives. I know. I have faced every subject that I can imagine in the last 20+ years of my life. And I can honestly say that there is no subject that is too scary to share and explore, when there is mutual respect in the conversation.

This week's video provides one powerful and completely safe tool for you to BEGIN to approach these scary subjects. You are 100% guaranteed to be safe with this one... which involves learning how to hold a space for these subjects in your OWN life. No sharing required.

I hope you will watch and then apply this amazing tool. When you are inspired by this new way to negotiate scary things in your life, I hope you will pass the word to others. We so need to become encouragements in one another's lives!

Thanks for listening. Sending love your way...