What May Be Keeping you from Deeper Fulfillment

As you head into the holidays, where people typically spend more time with family and loved ones, I encourage you pay attention to how much real connection and sharing takes place.

One of the biggest impacts of having the internet and so many electronic gadgets at our fingertips is a major tendency to distract and escape...

With all of the education that comes from one source after another about the "healthy" choices that are possible, many people also put more pressure and expectations on themselves about the things they "should" be doing in order to be enough or lovable or successful in the eyes of others.

IMPORTANT REVELATION: Trying to do too many things, no matter how healthy they may be individually, can all work against you actually developing a deeper sense of self-value.

You might consider spending some time this holiday season evaluating whether you are setting yourself up well within all of the choices and options. Are you spreading yourself thin, going from one "healthy" option to the next, unsure where to land and truly deepen yourself?

The holidays can be a perfect time to scan your year. See if you are clear and consciously aware of what things are authentically important to you at this stage of your life.

This week's episode of Nurturing Solutions for Seekers is all about "Learning to Land and Deepen."


1. Take a moment to name some of the experiences you want to create more of in your life. (i.e. connection, intimacy, adventure, willingness, flexibility, ambition, more calm and relaxation, etc)

2. Find some simple ways to explore and invest in your top priorities.

3. Rather than getting so focused on outer activities, consider that LANDING and DEEPENING your relationship to yourself is what will allow you to create more quality in your life.

Happy Thanksgivingandreceiving Week!

Enjoy the video and please consider sharing with others.

Sending love your way...   Ron