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Let me show you how
to create Abundance,
Intimacy, Health and

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"A truly fulfilling life starts with learning how to really value yourself."

- Ron Baker

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What I've already helped thousands around the world create...

So many people come to me expressing frustration. They feel stuck in their lives and have no idea how to create real change. They are constantly hitting walls in their relationships, either arguing with their partners or simply ignoring the problems. Others feel stuck in their jobs, living on an endless hamster wheel, constantly feeling unseen, unappreciated and unclear what they are building.

And then there are those who want to take their lives to a new depth of spiritual fulfillment, but don't know what it takes to make empowering shifts.  

For the last 25 years I have been sharing a unique and powerful process of personal transformation with thousands of people around the world. I already KNOW that consistent enhancements are entirely possible... when you have a clear map for taking powerful next steps.

I'm a map maker. I offer a rare level of clarity for tapping the greater depths of self. If you want to create powerful, reliable solutions, feeling passionate about waking up every day... you are in the right place!
Thousands of people around the world are already creating lives that get better and better and better. You can, too!

There are THREE FOCUSES in the work that I offer. Find out what is right for you...

Focus One - Building an Inner Foundation - Clearing Old Blocks /Establishing a Remarkable Trust of Your Own Value
                    (opening more of your potential for abundance, intimacy and proactive health)

Focus Two - Tapping Your True Greatness (spiritual fulfillment)

Focus Three - Becoming a Coach/ Practitioner of Self-Mastery (knowing a life of passionate purpose)




Weekly Keys to abundance, intimacy and Proactive health

Let me show you how all three can be yours in this video course... which has already helped thousands.



        Stay tuned for 

    Resurrection of
    the Divine Soul

        Saturday, September 8, 2018
        4pm GMT, 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

        Coordinated with a group journey
        to the Ancient sites of Ireland.

        Act now. spaces filling up fast!



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Podcast: Empowered At last




Do You Want to ACtually
Enjoy Your Life...

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Create a
Kick-ass Meaningful Vision for your Life




Do You Have Lots of questions
But VERY FEW answerS? 

Practical Wisdom 


Blog: Personal Inspiration





Don't just take my word for it. Hear from others who have already invested in this nurturing approach to life... and how their lives have been transformed!

Those same enhancements are possible for you!

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Discover the keys to:

  • Build a Trusted sense of Self-Value

  • Understand what motivates you more than any other thing

  • Awaken a deeper sense of purpose for your life