Meditations with Ron

I am so glad to have the chance to share these meditations with you. Creating an inner relationship with yourself is so important. I would even say crucial for creating a truly fulfilling life. When we are only connected to the outside world, situations don't touch us nearly as deeply.



So much of what keeps people held in fear, shame and judgment in their lives can be traced back to the first impressions of life that hey formed in the first eight years of their lives.

Establishing an inner connection to the child part of you is so important in establishing a new trust... to introduce new, adult perspectives that set you up more fully. This requires that the child part of you feels safe to let go of what no longer serves in your life.



This is a meditation designed to align with the New Moon Eclipse taking place on August 11. When you realize the planetary configurations that are taking place in the heavens also connect to specific parts of you, you can set powerful inner intentions that align you with the outer movements...
to create powerful shifts and transformations!

Music by Rick Nichols

stonehenge sunrise.jpg

Worldwide meditation - Resurrection of the Divine Soul PLan

On Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 4pm GMT  (1pm ET/ 10am PT) there will be a Worldwide Meditation associated with the next planetary initiation of Ascension called "Resurrection of the Divine Soul Plan/ Birth of the Wonder Child."

Please join with people around the world for this profound time of shifting evolution. I will be holding focus with the core group in the magical stone circles of Ancient Ireland!
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