EAL 04: Bringing More Fun into Your Life!


We live in a world that is so focused on achievements and expectations, thinking that this is what will make us happy. While these are wonderful focuses, they will not make us fulfilled if we don’t also remember how to play and enjoy the journey.

Today’s episode explores some specific ways you can get back in touch with the joy of life. That simple. It is a choice. It does not happen magically, without us making conscious choices.

I look forward to showing that it is entirely safe to be both a productive adult and childlike… connecting to the wonder and joy and play.

sharing something you have done recently, just for fun and pleasure!


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1:00 Opening in a wacky, tie-dye shirt

1:43 Experiential self: the best YOU from the inside out

2:00 When we invest in an authentic inner self, our achievements become much more fulfilling.

3:00 Everyone at the same event is not having the same experience.
    We can learn to give ourselves the experience that we CHOOSE to have.
    We create our own meaningful experiences.

4:00 Those who are not connected on the inside are not in charge of giving themselves the experiences that they want to have. They look outside and hope for the best in each situation.

4:45 Many people are not comfortable to actually play and allow fun in their lives.

5:25 Pleasure starts with an intimate connection to self.

6:15 So often developing self seems like a lot of work: have-to’s and should’s.

7:20 All things (like yoga) are more enjoyable if you decide to approach it with         fun, releasing the pressure. If you compare and compete, it is not pleasurable.

8:30 We so often get trapped in our heads, in an “idea” about self to be seen the way that we want to be seen.

8:45 Ten people are going to see me or you in 10 different ways.

9:25 We cannot control how others see us as much as we have guessed.

10:30 When we make it others’ jobs to see us a certain way, we hold them hostage!

11:20 In the center of self, you can get on with creating the experience that you choose… focused on you.

11:40 Call to Action: Inventory how aware you are of what brings you pleasure. How much of your week is invested in those things? How often do you allow yourself to play or to laugh fully?

    And how often do you find that you are in your head, worrying about how others see you?

12:45 Five primary categories for goals that set you up well.

    Health and inner journey
    Physical structures
    Fun, Pleasure and Leisure

14:00 Practice getting more comfortable to play. Express many parts of you.

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