EAL 06: Conversation with Amanda Pua Walsh: Impacting the Quality of Your Own Life


We all hold the power to impact the quality of our lives... by what we put into our bodies physically, emotionally and mentally. 

If we get caught up too fully in negative, fearful news, then we are feeding ourselves with fear. And if we purposefully look for gifts, synchronicities and opportunities, we will fill our bodies with nurturing, more meaningful experiences.

Find out today how Amanda has learned to set herself up well… through astrology, meditation, hula and nature... that might give you some clear hints how to set yourself up well, too.

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Time Stamps for the Audio Version

1:45 Listening to our inner intuition

2:05 Story of meeting Amanda -  out of the same pea pod!

4:10 Interview on Astrology Hub.

5:15 Discovering other people and their passions

6:30 Astrology Hub and the opportunity of opening others to share their lives

7:00 Sharing ourselves authentically and vulnerably

10:00 Claiming our vulnerable truths about self… opens doors to meaningful connections

10:30 Authenticity plants powerful seeds of possibilities

11:00 What is Astrology Hub? how does it serve?

12:00 Being known from our birth chart (astrology and the imprint of our individuality)

13:45 Getting aligned with your own most natural movements

17:15 Things must be practical and useful in order to truly move us

21:30 Soul curriculum or cosmic curriculum of our lifetimes

23:30 Who inspired Amanda in her early life…

24:30 She inspired each of us to trust our individuality.

25:55 A nutritionist challenged me with my weight issues… particularly after having a child. She recommended a movie

27:00 The more life force energy you have in your body, the more you can manifest what you want. Natalia Rose. 

27:40 Raw foods and their impact on my body. Helped me lose weight easily!

28:15 Diet for me was different than what doctors were recommending. Even what my child should eat.

28:45 Maybe we can work together to help other parents with how to feed their children well. 

29:20 Moving to Hawaii!

31:30 We all play parts in one anothers’ lives… revealing the challenges and the need for shifts.

32:15 Responding to challenges is what allows the magic to take place.

32:45 The power of being in nature.

35:10 Listen to the things that inspire you. Nature is just one example.

35:30 What things do I enjoy? How can I use those to inspire meaningful experiences?

35:50 What kind of sensory input are you surrounded by?

36:00 Using essential oils impacts my sensory input as well. These things feed our souls.

37:00 Make choices that set you up well.

37:30 Showing up for ourselves!

38:45 People thought I was crazy.

39:45 Our own internal conflicts will often be reflected in the outer situations of our lives.

41:00 I needed to let go of lots of familiar attachments and face many doubts.

42:20 Follow your bliss. What does that mean? 

43:15 Letting go of what no longer serves is one of the biggest challenges.

45:00 Life doesn’t need to be a fairy tale or idealism versus needing to show up and learn from facing the challenges.

46:00 Vision for our lives exists in the birth chart of astrology. 

47:00 People often present the hero’s journey as a move from rags to riches without facing challenges and struggles. Not true!

49:00 Claiming ourselves is what makes us the most fulfilled!

49:30 Many types of abundance! What is important to YOU?

52:30 Many stages of life that fulfill different parts of self. Astrology helps us to go through a spectrum of focuses in our lives!

53:45 Certain principles inspire us and can be more universal, while also allowing space for individuality.

54:45 Astrology provided answers that allowed me to understand life!

57:00 Opportunity of Astrology Hub. The divine feminine.

58:30 Having an experience of the moons, the rhythms of nature… so that the experience means something to YOU!  

59:00 Moon cycles… Full Moon Essentials Guide (how YOU can align with the full moons in all 12 signs and cycles of the year).

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