EAL 20: Why Fear Wins So Often

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In this episode I am introducing a new format—answering the questions that you have sent in. In todays’ episode, someone asked, “In order to step out in a bigger way in my life, I need to trust myself at a deeper core level. How do I sustain more discipline in my life… following through with the things that are important to me.”

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For easier reference, these are the time stamps for the audio version.

7:00 Growing up without nurturing needs

7:30 Getting more fully into your own body energetically

7:50 Observing life rather than being intimate with life

8:30 You cannot experience life from up in your head. 

9:30 Showing up as the Adult Authority in your own life.

10:15 Your first impressions about self and life take place in the first eight years of your life.

10: 45 Even as an adult, you can end up stuck in the fearful impressions of who you were when you were a child.

11:45 Your childhood impressions of life program your nervous system.

12:40 What are your fears? Invalidation? Failure?

13:20 You can learn to validate yourself, choosing your adult truths about who you are.

13:40 Failure is a healthy part of your learning curve.

14:30 If you nurture your fears, your nervous system will learn to trust your adult self.

15:30 If you don’t nurture your childhood impressions, you will be run by your fears as an adult.

17:00 Ruled by moving toward what you want? or away from what you fear?

17:45 Even fear of change can rule your choices.

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