EAL 22: How to Manifest a Healthy Relationship

This Q/A series focuses this week on how to set yourself up well for manifesting a healthy relationship. It is so important that we learn to apply clues for becoming proactive manifestors and relationships couldn't be more central in all our lives. 

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1:00 Just back from Camp Maverick

2:30 Yanik Silver and Sophia Umanski, innovative leaders

4:00 Starting a series of Q/A Episodes

4:45 Keep sending in your questions!

6:15 Intro to the Question about Relationships

7:20 We all need a clear map of self that reveals our potential.

8:00 Know what is important to you.

8:30 For me, willingness is most important in a partner.

9:30 To simply want any relationship is not effective. Be specific about the things that matter to you.

9:50 Have a few priorities that allow a relationship to be meaningful to you.

10:15 Identify and prioritize a few core qualities.

10:40 Every quality has gifts and challenges.

11:00 Make sure that YOU are practicing those qualities.

12:00 We also have unique gifts, interests and perspectives.

12:35 You are HALF of the healthy experience.

13:00 There is no need for perfection, living up to an ideal in your head.

13:20 Relationships are a great place to have a learning curve in the development of yourself.

14:00 We all need people who are willing to share the learning curve.

14:30 We need to stop being afraid and pretending.

15:15 What is your measuring stick for success in a relationship?

16:00 Learning how to be present in each moment (each challenge and each breakthrough)

17:00 The end result is not the best measuring stick. How much did you grow and invest?

17:30 Recap

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