EAL 23: Learn to Love Your Body

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So many people have issues of fear and shame around their bodies and how those bodies are perceived by others. I suggest that this issue has more to do with how we feel about ourselves as individuals on the inside than it has to do with our actual bodies.

Find out how you can proactively shift your worries about your body, creating a much more nurturing relationship with yourself as well.

2:45 Stretch yourself to be with lots of people.

3:30 People with diverse gifts and interests truly enhance our lives

5:15 So much opens when we are willing to share ourselves.

6:00 How do I make peace with my body changing?

6:25 How do I love myself?

6:40 I was not taught how to value myself as a person.

7:15 We look for excuses that justify how we feel.

7:45 Most people work hard to get OTHERS to value us.

8:45 We look for justifications for WHY we can’t love ourselves.

9:15 An example of my own justification - a pointed ear.

10:30 Fear and shame can easily run the show.

11:15 Learning how to nurture your feelings is the answer.

13:00 Most people carry myths of fear and shame.

13:55 My ear gave me the justification to fight feelings I already held inside me.

15:00 How often do you shower and appreciate your body when you are touching it?

15:45 Touch various parts of your body and take time to acknowledge all of the ways that this part of you enhances your life. Feel the appreciation and value.

17:00 Take time to value you through your body.

18:10 People do act out and tease others, even to the point of cruelty.

19:30 Anything that is different or imperfect can become a target.

21:15 Love yourself like fine wine. It is your capacity to love that will grow. 



PodcastRon Baker