EAL 24: How to Feel Passionate About Your Life

To become passionate about your life, you need to become aligned with your most authentic self. You then need to become clear about what is truly important to you. In this episode I give you some powerful clues for doing just that, so that you can wake up each day, happy to get out of bed and invest in YOUR life, YOUR vision and YOUR fulfillment.

Contrary to some old myths about this being a selfish move, everyone wins when you learn how to do these things!

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2:45 There are three levels of consciousness that are possible.

3:00 Most people are trapped in “survival consciousness”. (fear, shame and judgment)

3:50 We all have nine nurturing needs, which have most often been missing.

4:15 Most people think that our physical survival needs are all that is needed.

5:00 Get a free Ebook of the Nine Nurturing Needs on ronbaker.net

5:40 How can I feel more passionate about my life and live my full potential now?

6:10 Become aligned with your most authentic self.

6:30 Passion for investing in yourself is a huge key.

7:00 The myth of being “selfish”

7:30 Who is the most important person in any room?

8:00 Be the most important person in the room… to you.

8:20 No one is more important than anyone else.

9:15 The quality of your life depends on you having a relationship to yourself!

10:15 Self-love = in charge of self, nurturing all of your own needs.

10:45 Everyone benefits when you take great care of yourself.

11:15 Get to know yourself on the inside. 

12:15 How do I live my FULL potential now?

13:15 It is possible to grow into more and more of your potential all the time!

14:20 To reach the “end result” is the death of further growth.

15:00 We often want to compensate for our fear, shame and judgment. That is generally idealism that does not serve.

15:45 Get to know the grade that you are in. That is the perfect place for you to show up.

16:20 Were you more lovable in 5th grade than in 1st?

17:00 Live into the opportunity of TODAY.

17:15 Develop an awareness of self and what you need the most today.

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