EAL 25 Why is Life Not Fair?


Have you ever felt like life is unfair and that your particular challenges are worse than what you see others going through around you? 

This episode focuses on the perfect way our lives are set up to serve us as individual souls on a sacred journey. From the perspective of the soul, even our challenges are perfect in the set up of what we need to face and learn. When we honor what has been highlighted by facing these challenges, we literally develop the parts of us that need it the most… and are guided toward our perfect soul path.

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2:00 What you are going through matters and can be inspiring to others.

2:20 Get more involved in the community here.

3:00 So many people feel alone… when they don’t have to.

4:00 We all hold three levels of potential.

4:35 Most people are trapped in survival consciousness, not trusting that they truly matter.

5:45 You sharing yourself inspires others to make a similar choice.

7:15 Question: Why is life not fair? How do I take myself seriously?

8:30 There are inspiring answers to those questions.

9:15 Why do I have my particular challenges? This is the foundation of the question.

9:40 When we are not nurtured as children on nine different levels, we don’t feel supported by life.

10:15 In wounded child consciousness, we can’t see beyond our challenges.

11:10 We are all souls on a sacred journey.

11:55 If only considering one lifetime, there is no logical balance and fairness.

13:00 Every level of learning is important.

14:30 On a soul level, with countless lifetimes, every stage is fair and loving.

17:10 Your soul curriculum for this lifetime is set up in your first 8 years.

18:00 One lesson: Having an authority figure who provides clear guidance is truly important.

18:50 Life led me to explore and learn HOW to become a nurturing authority.

19:20 Our challenges encourage us to focus on what we need to learn.

21:00 Facing your challenges will allow you to know that life is fair. Everyone has challenges that are needed to practice, grow and evolve.

21:45 It is easy to get trapped in victimhood. 

 22:15 Facing your challenges will allow you to align with your perfect path.


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