EAL 26: Championing the Children, part 1

In this episode, we talk about some of the events that have gotten our attention in recent years that involve children, including the most recent addition of children being separated from their parents at the border.

The reason these events get more attention than most of the other events is that we can all relate to children who are confused or wounded or in need. They represent each one of us.

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1:45 This subject includes us all.

2:20 When the children are crying out, it gets our attention.

3:20 The inner child is a huge clue to healing everything.

5:20 We can all relate to the child who is in pain.

6:00 Money is not the key to fulfillment.

8:30 If the system doesn’t know how to value… it is hard to follow.

11:30 If we don't learn to nurture ourselves, no amount of $ will ever be enough.

12:25 So many things are in crisis.

12:40 We all need a nurturing education.

14:00 The child must trust that “I matter.”

15:10 People don’t know HOW to nurture. I do know.

PodcastRon Baker