EAL 27: Championing the Children, part 2


It is July 4th week in the US. Are we truly independent and free? Do we remember that every single one of us, outside of a small percentage of Native Americans, are here because prior generations of our families came here seeking freedom from the tyranny of being oppressed and being controlled... seeking something better.

In this episode, we address the challenge that is facing us at the southern border of the United States, representing issues of inhumane practices being practiced around the world. And our children are paying a price. We all need to show up as adults who stand for what is fair and humane.

I share a story of getting to champion a child and how moving this was for me.

This is what we need to do on the inside as well, championing the wounded inner child that we all carry. Just ask yourself, do you know how to stand in your own individual truth, trusting that support is actually possible in the world around you?

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1:30 Imagine this is you choosing to try to improve conditions for your family.

2:45 Don’t diminish what is happening in your own mind.

4:30 We have all had moments of not trusting that we truly matter.

5:05 Name five people who are truly fulfilled and know how to improve their lives.

5:30 Name five relationships that are profound, that grow and deepen in consistent ways.

7:05 Do you know how to stand in your own truth and trust support is possible?

8:30 Sharing a personal story - championing the child.
18:50 Championing the child starts inside ourselves.

19:20 If we nurture self, we will nurture those around us and become a part of the solution that we all need!

PodcastRon Baker