Life's Little Clues - IF you know where to look

If we know what to look for, life is giving us constant clues of it's support. I haven't typically put too many metaphysical/spiritual perspectives on my blog, reserving those for my other website, Children of Light. I have opted to put the more practical ways of nurturing yourself on this site so far. However, I have now decided to start sharing a broader spectrum of perspectives about the wonder of our lives on In this case, I was watching a video of a total solar eclipse. When the sun was beginning to merge, it's first light revealed an amazing phenomenon - which you can see in the photo I have included.

moon merkabah
moon merkabah

When you look at this photo, you can see a six-pointed star, which is also known as a "merkabah".

This is a remakable shape that impacts all of our lives. It is made up of two triangles, one pointing up and one pointing downward.

The one pointing downward represents Spirit penetrating the physical realm. The one facing up represents the physical focused upward toward the Divine. When the two come together you have the soul made manifest. Each one of us.

If you go back to the beginning of each of our lives, this remarkable 3-d shape takes place in just THREE cell divisions. You start as as a single cell called the "zygote". This is the cell formed by the sperm and egg coming together to seed YOU.

In the first division of life you have two cells, represented for the rest of our lives through the contrasts of polarity. Assertive/receptive. Giving/receiving. Day/night.

In the second division of two cells, you get four, representing four directions, four elements and four kingdoms - mineral, plant, animal and human. This also forms a three-sided pyramid, which has four points. This is called a tetrahedron.

In the third division--just THREE movements--you get two tetrahedrons, one facing up and one facing down. This is a 3-d reality, which we can see in the picture as two triangles. This is a double-tetrahedron, a merkabah of the smallest formation... which is the seed of YOU. Physical and divine joining together = the soul made manifest. This is what develops into each one of us and eventually becomes the shape of our energy bodies. Just look at the famous Michelangelo drawing of "Vesuvius Man". You will see this very shape superimposed on the body. This is the spiritual reality of each one of us.

And this is the joining together of the eclipse... male and female, assertive and receptive, sun and moon... all joined together in the miracle of life.

The soul made manifest. Life's little clues are revealed everywhere, if we know where to look!