Spirituality, Sexuality and the Power of Love

I decided to make a public statement today... about my intention to create a podcast of my own. Empowered At Last: Creating An Intimate Conversation about Life

logo 7.png

Building on a foundation of intimacy with self, this podcast will focus on Spirituality, Sexuality and the Power of Love.

I share it out loud because I want to make myself accountable for setting this in motion in the next six months. There is such a need for healthy information that goes beyond a primary focus on our careers. There are so many wonderful and inspiring webcasts that talk about these things, giving wonderful clues about how each of us can set ourselves up well.

This podcast will focus on SELF... and how to create a life of value, meaning and purpose.

It will focus on building intimacy and sacredness in our lives, starting with the relationship we have to ourselves... which we can then bridge out to one another.

Thanks for being a part of this community of "proactive nurturers" here at ronbaker.net, and empoweredatlast.com

Blessings to us all as we continue into the journeys of building the celebration of individuality and the importance of creating communities that proactively serve one another... learning how to love.


You have all played a part in picking topics and the logo...AND now on December 12 it has now launched!!!