Ron's first post

As you can see, I have now created a blog on the site... to give us a place to explore many things. I will be posting comments on world events that impact us all... I so look forward to sharing unusual perspectives, so that we can all learn to focus on solutions and compassionate understanding of one another. This is the most profound time we have ever known on the planet.  There is unprecedented acceleration... but there more profound challenges than we have ever known.  The bottom line is that the world is in DESPERATE need for a deeper life education.

So many things are out of balance... that it is becoming imperative that we look deeper into ourselves and at our own lives... investing in gaining a deeper education and moving into a new set of tools and choices that will play a direct role in creating more balance.

Each of us is needed in this endeavor... You do matter in this.  That is the first thing that I want to post...

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