The Long-Awaited 2012!!!

"2012?!?!?"What does it mean?  Is it the end of the world?  Will things fall apart?  Is it all a bunch of BS???

We have heard talk about 2012 for quite a while now, from many circles.  We have heard extremes of both sides... from those who are convinced the planet will leave the physical or that it will be destroyed... to those who think it is cosmic BS!

Oftentimes the deepest truths are found in the middle.

For most people, thinking of 2012 as a prophetic time came from a growing awareness of the Mayan Calendar.

Yes, the Mayan Calendar is an amazing construct, which is aware that ALL things move in cycles.  We all know cycles, no matter what arena of life we look towards.  We see the moon.  We see nature.  We know of the female body, which goes through cycles in order to create more life itself, a miraculous cycle that is often not viewed from this deeper truth.  But I digress...

We all move in cycles.  However, most people have been so trapped in the limitations of our primitive life education, we haven't known how to look to the bigger cycles.  Anything that does not create immediate gratification or give us the illusion of something we can control has often gone by the wayside.

However, cycles continue to move.  The Mayans were very aware of cycles and one of the most remarkable things is that they were even aware of a cycle that lasts 26,000 years!!!

That is much more info than most people have been willing to consider... "Ancient history" for some implies anything prior to the 20th century... or for sure ancient refer back 2000 years.  However, there are cycles that are much more comprehensive.

We simply need more education, because the deeper truth is that we are in the most profound coming together of cycles ending and beginning than anything we have ever known... more profound than ANYTHING!  Just pause and consider that for a moment.

The Mayan Calendar actually brings us to the end of that 26,000 year cycle in the year 2012!

What does it mean?  Is it the END of the world?

In some ways, yes.

I propose that this is the "end of the world" as we have known it.  As this cycle ends and a new one begins, we go through a doorway and a shift of directions.  If you look to the moon, you see that things cycle in one direction and then shift to the other.  Nature reflects the same thing as it moves through the seasons.

This will be the same shift... but we live on a planet where not even 1% of the people are educated about what this means in such a large cycle... NOR how they can take advantage of these shifting energies to create the most remarkable time of expansion, healing and opening into personal potential that we have ever imagined.

All of this is possible... and IF we have the education and tools, it will become the most enhancing time we can imagine.  However, if we do NOT have the education and tools and merely try to hold onto what is familiar, we will be moving in RESISTANCE to life cycles, which involve change and evolution.

This will create more and more hell on earth... more and more friction, resistance, defense and fear.  It will create an acceleration of things falling apart.  Just look around you...

How many people do you know who seem to be in deeper crisis at this time?  They are everywhere.

The world is becoming more and more aware how DESPERATE we are for deeper education and understanding about what is going on... and how we can tap it for growth and enhancements.

That is what you will find here at EmpoweredAtLast!

I strongly encourage you to invest in yourselves... give yourself the education and tools to heal and enhance... and share it with others.  I have created this vehicle because I am PASSIONATE about passing on a process of life that proves every day to enhance the lives of everyone who explores and integrates these simple, nurturing tools... and the deeper understanding of life and how it works at deeper levels.

I have created it in ways that are simple and convenient... the choice and opportunity is up to you.

blessings to you all as we enter 2012, a time of unprecedented opportunity. Ron


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