New additions to the site and impacts of 2012

I hope you are all enjoying the new tweaks to the site. I am making shifts, so that the site remains simple, user-friendly and as compelling as possible.  This information is so important... and so I am doing all that I can to make sure the experience is as nurturing and clear as possible, even in how you navigate the site.

There will be more shifts in the coming weeks.  Please tell your friends and family about the new additions!

And now to the impact of 2012...

Many people are reporting that things are "heating" up in their lives.  Many people have found themselves in an accelerated crisis or at least challenge.  Some are going through physical symptoms, such as challenges with the legs and feet.

Others are finding themselves in deeper resistance... This resistance then accelerates the DESIRE for whatever our favorite habitual ADDICTIONS have been.

This is a time when we need to nurture ourselves in a HUGE way... and we need to nurture and encourage those around us as well.

These reactive choices come most commonly from a fear of things changing in the world and in our own lives. There are even energies moving in the body that it is not use to... and when this happens, many people go into SURVIVAL choices, rather than showing up to nurture, connect and reassure one another.

And so this blog is meant to be a simple reminder to show up for YOU... and treat yourself like you would your best friend.  Would you suggest that your best friend reach out for that addictive substance or choice?  If not, then don't treat yourself this way either.  It is so important to slow down and make conscious choices.

We need each other... and support is possible!  However, when we act out, we keep each other triggered and in fear.  So simply ask yourself... what do I want to be putting out in the world at this moment?  Who do I CHOOSE to be?

More thoughts later... Ron

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