What Can We Learn from the loss of Whitney Houston?

How many of us were saddened yesterday when we heard that Whitney Houston is gone at the age of only 48 years?!? I believe we can learn from all things... and that we serve one another in our lives... and yes, even in our deaths!

It seems to me that we can look and learn from this heart-wrenching example... that the glamour of outer achievement, validation, money and opportunity are NOT enough! WHAT?!?  Not enough?  "You've got to be kidding me!" you might say. That fear is the very thing that drives most people.  What is ENOUGH?

What I mean is that most people are motivated by seeking OUTSIDE the self... to compensate for the wounds and missing needs that we "learned" in our early lives.  Based on the fears that these missing pieces of life education created, we have buried our wounds and looked outside the self - desperately, in many cases, attempting to find validation and reassurance in some way that we ARE enough... that we are lovable... that we are acceptable... and ultimately that we matter.

However, let us now honor the example provided by Whitney Houston, who reached the pinnacle of glamour, achievement, money, opportunity, success and validation.  She was adored by millions and millions of people.  And yet she is showing us that the most vital missing piece was nothing in the outer world...

What TRUMPED all that outer focus was the missing connection to her own self-value.

I have dedicated my life to this truth.  I have watched thousands of lives transform as people begin to wake up to this deeper truth and find out that the inner trust of self-value and self-love is capable of deepening the whole life experience.

To trust that we matter cannot come from another person.  It can be encouraged or mirrored from another... but we must eventually grow into the best news... that WE HAVE THE POWER to connect, claim, and KNOW our own value.

We just need the tools and clear information.  That is what I provide here at Empowered At Last... and every single person grows into more awareness and celebration that this truth changes their lives.  Lives that become better and better and better...

Then we can move into the remarkable gift of life... and invest in the outer world from an inner trust that I AM ENOUGH... Life is enough... and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Blessings, Ron

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