The Loss of Wayne Dyer

In case you have not heard, the beautiful soul we have known as Wayne Dyer left the physical this weekend. His life has touched tens of thousands directly and millions of people through his many books and PBS series. I had the privilege of being with him in Detroit in April and then again on his home island of Maui in June for a Writer's Conference.

His presence was inspirational, as always.

I encourage you to send lots of love towards Wayne's soul, as he moves toward the higher realms of light... and to his family, as they grieve a more personal loss and change that is profound. I also ask that you send love to the people at Hay House who were so used to his presence, and specifically to Reid Tracy, who shared in June that Wayne has been like a father for him.

In closing, I will just say that as real and important as death and transitions are in our lives and the cycles of the soul, I believe it is so important to let someone's transition be an awesome reminder to love and connect and value and communicate in compassionate ways with everyone in your life NOW. Then you can live without fear and regret in a more complete way.

Live fully. Love fully. Today.