The Power of Authenticity

I was in yoga class earlier today, when I began to feel a pocket of deep sadness rising. Because negotiating my feelings is well-practiced, I honed in on this energy and brought it closer to the surface. Once I felt I was truly connected to it, I simply asked this part of myself what the sadness was about. I heard, "What if I am not good enough? I am afraid I might not be good enough!" This message rose from my subconscious and deeply touched my heart.

As I am on the verge of launching this website and moving more fully out into the world--this piece of my wounded history was being triggered to the surface.

The compassionate Adult part of me immediately held a space for this fear and I began to explore. I have done so much work on myself emotionally, that a part of me was surprised that this was coming up so strongly.

However, I was reminded in a beautiful way about something that I teach all of my clients. It just seemed clearer than ever in that moment. It is SO important that we all learn to hold a space for all part of ourselves - authentically and compassionately.

I don't know about you, but I know that in my history, I might have considered being authentic simply being honest or true to the things that matter to me, that I intend to create in my life, etc. And I wouldn't have necessarily considered the wound in that equation.

However, I was now taking note that learning to hold a safe space for our wounded, fearful parts of self is as important as anything else we can do. So much of our actions end up being compensations for the feelings we haven't felt safe to allow--much less express or reveal to others.

And so on this day, I want to take a moment to encourage each one of us to purposefully hold a space for the fear, shame and judgment that we have held inside about our feelings. And to simply hold a space for them to be loved by the compassionate Adult part of ourselves... without a need to fix those feelings or to get rid of those feelings.

What made all the difference for me this morning was simply holding a space for a part of me that needed some love. I then explained to him that by allowing any parts of self that are less-developed or less confident is not a sign of not being enough. It is actually a sign of gorgeous courage and authenticity, and every other person can actually relate--if they feel safe to allow it and admit it.

It is in becoming courageously authentic in our own lives that we will inspire others to do the same. This is how we will truly transform our world. And so I happily share this wounded part of myself with you today... reminding you that you, too, are safe to be a whole person, which includes your wound.

Sending love your way... Ron