The Need for a Proactive Response to Election 2016


People have been reaching out to me since Tuesday night, asking for some encouraging words about the situation we all now face at the close of this election. For more than a year of election season, we have been confronted with a rather constant barrage of troublesome situations, accompanied by a slew of challenging feelings to negotiate. Many people find themselves reeling more than ever in the first days after the election… unclear how we ended up with these particular results and fearful about how things might unfold. The overwhelming sentiment shared with me has been, “How could a man such as Donald J Trump—a man who has acted out, revealing such hatred and immaturity; a man who has no apparent reverence or value for whole groups of people; a man with such radical ideas and approaches—actually get elected?”

It seems that many people are feeling particularly defeated, depressed and powerless in the aftermath of this one. So many things that have been familiar have now been interrupted and we are collectively faced with many “unknowns.” Perhaps more than any other time in recent memory, people are feeling scared.

The first thing I would like to encourage is that you take some time to honor everything you’re feeling. Learning how to nurture your feelings is so important, often made most clear in moments like this. Therefore, I am taking the time to encourage some important emotional nurturing before I move into sharing a proactive response to the election, a response that I hope will bring you a great deal of encouragement and comfort.

Before I address the specifics of the election, I would like to first explore a bigger context—one that includes people all around the globe...

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