An Important Tribute on Father's Day (1933 - 2016)

If you had asked me a few years ago about my relationship with my father, I would have likely told you about some of the unresolved wounding and missing needs that were the challenges we faced... However, this tribute has such a meaningful ending. In the last years, we were able to work through so many things, express so many feelings and get to a place of mutual love and respect that was surprising and inspirational.


Many of you may remember that in January, my father had his right leg removed. Because of how he responded, there was tremendous healing that took place--even in the face of what logically seemed like a tragic event. It was a great reminder that we always have a choice about what we do with the specific things that are taking place in our lives.

Gratefully, my father turned that tremendous challenge into a powerful opportunity to learn more about truly showing up, opening to receive and to trust others more fully. Ultimately our dad became an inspiration to all of us, unlike anything we had experienced with him prior.

My two sisters and I all showed up to play our parts in the healing as well. Then, since January, Dad has been operating independently, getting himself everywhere he needed to be in his power chair. These are two photos of him continuing to do the things he loved--gardening being one of his favorites--and these are pictures from just a few weeks ago.


It is not always clear what our souls have planned for our journeys. We can only choose to show up and make the most of each day, each lesson, each challenge and each opportunity. I would like to believe that the most important reason for all that we go through is simply to provide ways for us to learn how to love ourselves and one another, going through each step together.

And that is exactly what my dad spent his last few years doing, more than ever.

Even in his last day he made sure to be quite clear about making amends, reaching out to people he loved, making sure we were clear about what he wanted and needed, in order to create closure with his life.

Then he prayed that God would take him home... And today, on Father's Day, that is exactly what has happened.

My father is now with the angels and loved ones who have gone before him. We are relieved for how our lives and journeys have been enhanced, challenged and inspired because of our time with him--particularly in the last few years.

In closing, I encourage you all to use his courageous example... to remember that is NEVER too late to communicate with those you love, to work through the challenges that we all face, using each thing to learn how to give and receive, to share with honesty (particularly the challenges), so that you can create more healing and resolution in your lives.

I know that would make my dad quite happy to know that he has in some way touched you with his new-found inspiration.

And remember to love and value your father. Keep in mind that we can only do better when there is a safe place to have a learning curve WITH one another.

Blessings to you all...