The Power of Eclipses

solar eclipse
solar eclipse

Hello. My goal in sharing here is to approach as many different perspectives that allow you to make informed choices that set you up well as possible.

We live in a world glutted by information these days... and so I believe it is important that we seek out information that allows us to actually transform our lives, shifting from fear, defense and separation into freedom, meaning and value. I am thrilled to have made such powerful, consistent shifts in my own life, and continue to do just that. And I am thrilled that the tools and perspectives that I share with my clients also empower each one to make powerful, consistent shifts in their lives as well.

Today (March 8 into March 9) we shift to a subject that I haven't introduced before... the power of cycles and moves in the heavens around us. Whether you are into astrology and the movements of planets, those shifts are still taking place and have an energetic impact in all our lives.

Today we are having a powerful convergence called a solar eclipse. It just happens to be a new moon solar eclipse and the impact is likely going to be a powerful one in our world. And so I want to help you become a bit more informed about eclipses and how they work.

There are two types of eclipses. One is a solar eclipse, when the moon comes directly between the sun and the Earth, blocking out the energy and light from the sun for a brief time. Then there is a lunar eclipse, when the Earth comes directly between the sun and the moon, which blocks the light from the sun from reflecting off of the moon for a brief time.

A solar eclipse is an interruption in the energy of our mental bodies. And a lunar eclipse is an interruption in our emotional bodies.

Today's new moon solar eclipse is interrupting the mental body and because it is a new moon that is involved, it involved a distinct stage in our emotional patterns as well.

This year of 2016 is a year very focused energetically on our dreams and visions... the specific things that we have decided are important in our individual lives. The energy is amping up, so that we are going to be able to more powerfully and immediately manifest whatever it is that we are committed to in our lives.

This eclipse is going to give a powerful boost to that vision... interrupting what has been and encouraging a boost of what we have decided to move toward in our lives. It is so important to understand that this will also involve what we have held in the subconscious (which includes our memories and decisions about life as it has occurred so far).

Therefore, it is so important to learn how to get in touch with the subconscious through an inner focus in our lives. This is the core of the work that I do with my clients... teaching them HOW to go inside in very safe and nurturing ways to release the pressure of charged feelings that we have likely buried along the way in our lives... so that we can release the fears that we have associated with those feelings. When we do, we become much freer to make the decisions of who we are in 2016 without the impact of our past sabotaging or coloring what we will allow ourselves to have or to manifest.

This solar eclipse is very much focused on boosting what we have in our visions, and releasing what no longer serves us. So look for clues in the coming weeks and months, about what you are clear no longer serves. This may also involve feelings coming up for no logical reason... which simply means they are rising up from the subconscious to be nurtured, expressed and released - relieving the pressure that they have held in your gut.

This can become a powerful time of enhancing transformation...

And so here is a practical suggestion for today:

Take a moment to get still, go inside and imagine the vision you have for your life. Be clear and be specific about what is important to you and why it is important. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you will have as this vision comes together for you. Go ahead and feel it NOW! 

Putting the energies out in very clear ways today, when we are in this opening from the eclipse... which will solidify over the coming two weeks... enhanced by the lunar eclipse that will take place on March 23. This is the doorway of your new vision to be focused on and clear.

If you have other questions about eclipses and the movements of energies that are taking place in our lives and in the world around us, please let me know.

For now... sending love your way.