The Power of the Nine Nurturing Needs


Hopefully you have had a healthy start to 2016 and had plenty of reason to celebrate love in your life with the recent Valentine's Day.

As I shared a few weeks back, my year started with "Unexpected Inspiration" from my father... who had to have his right leg amputated due to circulation complications. In my 24 days in the hospital with my dad, there was much opportunity for us to connect and share a very precious, vulnerable time for him.

The great news is that wonderful things can happen in times of crisis, as this can be a time when people open more fully than at any other time to receive the nurturing that they need.

This is exactly what happened for us!

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I went through most of my childhood without my father acknowledging or addressing me even once. I do not remember a single conversation. This was devastating at the time, based on the fact that this was the time when I was meant to be receiving the Nine Nurturing Needs from my parents, my main caregivers.

I spent much of my life with this one core relationship as a big hole on the inside. I am happy to share that over time we have healed bit by bit... but this time in the hospital provided an opportunity for some major forward moves. And my father acknowledged me more in that 24 days than in my whole life, I believe. And acknowledgment is one of the nine nurturing needs!

This has inspired me to share some introductory information from my new book that will hopefully be coming out later this year... The Nine Nurturing Needs: Keys to True Fulfillment!

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I hope you will feel free to share this post with your friends and loved ones who would benefit from this deeply empowering information. I will go so far as to say that your ability to invest in these Nine Nurturing Needs is exactly what determines that quality of your life every single day!

Sending love your way.