EAL 01: How to Set Yourself Up Well


In this wacky world of change and challenge that we live in, people are often sharing things like, “What can I do to make a difference? The problems are so big. I feel powerless.”

The great news is that there are tons of things that we can each do to change the world—starting with discovering ways to enhance our own lives and then sharing those things with others. When we learn that healing change is possible in our own lives, we become passionate and truly convinced in a message that people are desperate to discover.

It is possible to create lives that get better and better and better. I know this from my own life and from watching tons of clients proving the same thing in their lives. Listen to this episode to find out three specific things you can do to not only set yourself up well, but to make a difference in the world around you. 


Comment below sharing one simple way that you have been kind to yourself in recent weeks.
Or just say hello and where you are in the world.


Improvements that don’t depend on anybody but YOU.

Every great conversation begins somewhere.


1:30 Wacky times

Constant challenging events, with fragile systems that are too broken and  out of balance to rely upon

2:30 Distinct ways you can set yourself up well starting with nurturing ourselves; encouraging one another

3:00 How to create an intimate life of meaning, value and purpose

3:35 Every relationship in your life comes out of the relationship you are having with YOURSELF.

4:30 How aware are you of yourself, starting with your priorities, based on things that matter to you?

5:00 Trapped in the limits of survival consciousness, going through the motions

5:45 Why we are so out of balance in the world

6:30 Starting place: We all have individual challenges and potential greatness

Do you know HOW to resolve your challenges and awaken more of your  individual greatness?

7:30 Most people are caught up in the challenges of survival consciousness, unaware HOW TO resolve those challenges.

8:40 Example 1… a successful CEO who feels like a fraud

He didn’t feel in charge of himself and how to create real fulfillment…

At least when he started this process.

10:00 Example 2… a friend who was living the “dream of success,” but was not  only unhappy, but admitted she didn’t know a single person who is happy  and fulfilled.

11:10 In addition to becoming successful in your career, how to create a stunning  relationship with yourself, so that you are actually be fulfilled.

12:00 We all have lists of things we get checked off every day

Is it all focused on OUTER focuses?

12:40 CALL TO ACTION: Put goals on your list that focus on you each day.

Example: Be kind to yourself.

How many days can you actually remember to do this each week?

14:45 You determine a great deal by how you treat yourself.

15:45 Allow yourself to have a learning curve, complete with making mistakes.

Evaluate how you can improve, with compassion and patience.

16:05 Simple well-placed choices make for a profound life.

16:55 You determine the quality of your own life to a great extent.

17:20 Outer solutions in our world will come out of learning how to set ourselves up well as individuals.

18:00 Nurturing, kindness and treating ourselves well make for a much more fulfilling life.


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