EAL 02: Conversation with Denyce Graves-Montgomery: Creating Meaningful Moments


Have you ever wondered why others seem to have meaningful lives or powerful moments, while you don’t feel that is true for you?

Today I am speaking with a dear friend, an international opera star named Denyce Graves-Montgomery who reveals that it is not the moments of glamour that have meant the most in her life… but rather the moments that have opened her to meaningful discoveries.

You may be surprised to find out how a homeless man touched her life as much as any of the past presidents or famous celebrities she has had the chance to know. 

You will even discover that a moment of complete blunder ended up creating a connection that has lasted for decades. Find out how meaningful moments are happening to us all the time… IF we know how to recognize the opportunities.


Comment below, sharing a choice you made that was particularly meaningful.
Or just leave a YES! (indicating that you want to pay more attention to creating meaningful moments in your life.)



1:15 Ways to reach out to me… be heard! Tell me what matters to YOU.

2:00 Intro to Denyce Graves Montgomery - the gorgeous voice we all heard after  the tragedy of “9-11”.

3: 30

It is the simple moments and grand moments that make life meaningful.

4:10 Interview begins.

5:30 A story that tells us something silly or unusual about yourself.

Her daughter and the search for her favorite object (like a security blanket).

11:00 Every story has lessons. Qualities of compassion, generosity, and  perseverance. We all have lives that are intertwined, which confirm that  we all matter.  

12:40 A story of synchronicity and how the perfect things can occur from a  mistake.

14:30 A sense of sacredness in all things.

16:10 Our dance with life, however you find a sense of sacredness.

17:15 One meaningful experience from her career: What she chose may  surprise you.

22:30 Facing fear allowed for meaningful, healing moments. Touching hearts.

24:30 Fear and judgment often keep us from sharing ourselves with other  people. We rob each other from the opportunity of our authentic selves.

25:30 World of shake up’s, based on people who are acting out who don’t feel  seen or safe or valued. (Recorded just after the Las Vegas shooting).

27:00 “9-11” invitation from President Bush to sing at the National Cathedral in  Washington, DC

27:40 Denyce shares her experience of that auspicious day.

29:30 Filled with all of the people who have been a part of my life, who have  informed who I am.

30:00 Encouragement from Leonyne Price (one of the greatest sopranos of all  time) to put all of your feelings and intention into the sound/what you speak  or sing.

31:15 Music is the language of the Divine.

32:00 I just wanted to share my part, to respond to all that had happened.

33:00 Important to own that we are showing up, willing to do our part. That is  valuing self and claiming that we matter, not diminishing self in any way,  by just being a vessel of Spirit (even though that is true as well).

35:55 What story would you like to use to close?

Moments of lightness, even when we make a mess of things, can be quite  meaningful. Find out what she had to say about “siblings”.

39:00 Final words with Denyce.


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