EAL 08: How to Tap Sacred Spirituality


Do you consider that many things about your life are sacred? I sincerely hope so. Unfortunately most of us were never taught to recognize such sacredness.

All the while, you are a sacred individual on a sacred soul journey. Has anyone  actually suggested such a thing to you before? I know that no one in my life knew how to hold that space.

In this episode, I will be sharing some perspectives that encourage how you can begin to see clues that sacred spirituality permeates your life.


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Time Codes for the Audio Version

2:00 What is sacred spirituality? - a potential for living lives that are sacred

2:20 You are a sacred individual on a soul journey

3:15 Is life unfair?

4:00 So much more of life can make sense.

4:25 We all need a clear education: physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual

5:00 What creates fulfillment? Why are so many people not happy?

6:15 School of self-mastery… education about deep levels of our potential

7:45 Deepening the conversation… with some basics about SELF.

8:45 We all need an education about self.

9:30 There are three main facets of each person… joined together in the heart.

9:55 The lower self - makes up the personality

10:20 We must develop the lower self to access the higher potential.

11:20 Are you your most authentic self today? Do you cerebrate individuality?

12:40 Do you feel safe? Do you trust that you matter?

13:30 People typically distract from the inner self, looking outside ourselves instead.

14:15 We are both spiritual and physical, which can only be joined in the heart.

15:30 When we have intimacy with self, our lives will be more meaningful.

16:00 The primary purpose of the soul journey is to claim and value Self!

17:15 Clues and hints for resolving the wounded, lower self.

18:10 Without a clear education for connecting to self, there is no real value.

18:40 Our world is in crisis in many ways!

20:10 Do we know how to work together with others for the good of the whole?

20:40 In the US, we have two parties working against the other. Not working together to inspire the best options that serve.

21:15 Solutions are more than empty ideals.

21:30 We must learn how to value… which starts with learning to value the self!


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