EAL 09: My Most Important Guiding Principle


Have you already got some clear decisions about who you CHOOSE to be in your life? 

In this episode we explore how you can set yourself up well AHEAD of challenging situations, so that you can end up feeling really great about yourself at the end of the day. 

Making conscious choices that cause you to feel great about yourself have impacts well beyond what most people have imagined. How you feel about yourself determines how much you allow yourself to receive, to enjoy and to create real intimacy with every facet of your life. 

Come and find out how to set yourself up well.


Time Stamps for the Audio Version: 

1:15 Who do you CHOOSE to be in your life?

2:20 The ONE guiding principle I use for my life!

2:45 There is more than one voice involved in making our decisions.

3:00 Three levels of consciousness

3:20 In the first 8 years of life, we make decisions physically, emotionally and mentally.

3:40 What is possible? Who am I? What do I deserve?

4:05 Has anyone ever truly taught you about yourself?

4:30 The Ring of Child Consciousness

5:00 Fear, shame and judgment might be running your life

5:40 Growing into Empowered Adult Consciousness

6:10 Nine Nurturing Needs… when they are missing we become stuck in our lives

6:45 Survival consciousness - the wounded child inside us all

7:10 Never learned to trust!

8:25 What choices set you up to feel great about yourself?

9:15 Myths: right choice, wrong choice, etc

9:34 Decide AHEAD of time who you choose to be…

10:15 Know your priorities.

10:45 Upcoming episode on setting clear priorities.

11:20 Benefits of feeling good about YOU

12:00 Personalizing what our caregivers didn’t understand how to provide

12:25 Limited by the impressions of your childhood

13:00 You can build NEW impressions about yourself

13:30 How comfortable do you feel receiving and allowing joy in your life?

14:00 Make your OWN choices as an adult

15:30 If I value me, I will be more likely to value YOU.

17:00 Examples - being triggered by others acting out

17:30 Being right does not always equal a win.

18:00 Learning to offer the compassion that we also need from others

18:45 Options for connecting and sharing

19:10 Set boundaries, but stay open to listen and hold a space

20:00 No matter what another person chooses, YOU have a choice to set yourself up well.

20:45 Choose well. Live fully. And be good to YOU.

21:00 Call to action: Take an inventory of your typical choices.


Comment below. Share one quick way that you set yourself up well... or plan to in the near future.

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