EAL 10: Conversation with Jimmy Diresta: Creating Your Vision


Jimmy Diresta is a YouTuber with over one million fans. There are distinct reasons for that. Not only is Jimmy incredibly talented and creative, he is also a great guy. Not that Jimmy needed any help to attract his fans, but Jimmy is also the first person I am sharing on the podcast who has done work with me… integrating more layers to create a meaningful vision for his life.

Come on in and find out why Jimmy is such an inspiration to those around him and how he took his natural interests and developed them into a career that he has used to fulfill his short term and long term goals.

He is now living his vision. Find out how you can, too!
There is an opportunity for you at the bottom of these show notes as well...

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There is also an opportunity for you at the bottom. Enjoy!

2:00 Creating a meaningful vision, with no pressure.

2:25 What is truly important to you? What excites you?

3:15 Turning your interests and talents into a worldwide career.

5:15 A new deal to vlog and share himself

6:15 Sharing himself is enhancing his videos… inspiring others

6:45 How did Jimmy get started? Spending time with his dad.

7:15 What seeded the vision that this could be a real career?

7:50 Jimmy can make anything.

8:15 Wanting to expand his knowledge. Loving to learn.

8:30 Making It. Podcast and television show with Amy Pohler and Nick Offerman.

9:00 Making It is a metaphor for whatever you create.

9:40 Others imitating or sharing your videos on their sites - stealing or celebrating?

10:15 Your qualities are central to what you create.

11:00 Making sure you are true to what is important to you.

12:25 Getting emotional with With a Little Help from My Friends

13:00 Inspired to want to live better… and to be connected

13:45 Creativity with authentic emotion is powerful!

14:25 Helping others become empowered

14:45 Making it accessible and practical for others

15:45 Sharing your fears is actually powerful!

16:15 Be honest and people will be more accepting. Allow the humanity!

17:30 People love authenticity.

18:00 My fans are compassionate, open and honest.

18:20  My life is spending time with my fans and enjoying the moment.

19:15 Do what is interesting to yourself and it will unlock others’ creativity

20:00 This podcast can touch many others by sharing what is important to me… 

21:00 Excellence and innovation. Surprises as well. Enjoy the process.

22:30 Fear and faith 

23:15 Don’t let rejections become crippling

23:30 Universal interruptions happen for real reasons.

24:45 Television opportunities

25:30 What can I learn from the process?

26:30 Interruptions give life a way to get us redirected and on a new track

27:40 Don’t take it all so personally.

28:30 You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get authentic moments.

29:15 Putting people at ease

30:15 Tell us about your original inspirations.

31:30 My dad was curious about all types of music.

32:15 Being curious and applying what you have already learned.

34:00 Willingness, heart and perseverance.

34:20 Taking steps and discovering as you go.

34:30 Short term and long term goals

35:30 Allow yourself to be inspired by others around you.

36:00 Don’t wait for others to determine your life. Take charge!

37:00 Collaborate with others’ visions.

38:00 Get through the challenging moments to get to what is important to you.

39:15 Touching people with what you share… just because it’s you.

40:00 Make sure to follow through! You plant seeds for your future.

42:00 Keep feeding yourself with new goals. Try new things…and discover.

45:00 Set goals that make situations meaningful for YOU. Don’t make it only about someone else’s vision.

46:00 Facing challenges to do inner work on yourself. Men tend to be afraid.

47:00 I prefer to hide. Dealing with pride and defense.

49:30 Learning to talk to people.

51:00 Uncover your heart!

52:00 What inspirations have you been, seen reflected back from others.

53:00 Sober for 30 years… and inspiring others to make that choice.
    Was all trying to cover his fears.

54:00 Practical ways to change your life

57:00 Helping others, even before it was his intention

1:01:00 Show up and enjoy your life.

1:01:30 What path will you choose for your life? Do you have a vision?

    You have the power to make your own life matter!


Creating a Kick-Ass Meaningful Vision… a new course at ronbaker.net


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