EAL 11: Plan Now: Don't Wait Till It's Too Late

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Let's talk about a subject that most people avoid. Give yourself peace of mind.  Create a will now, while there is no pressure. Don’t let the these things create problems for those you care about.

In addition, I find that most people have never heard of a living will. Make conscious choices about what you want to take place when it's your time to end your physical journey—something that will take place in all our lives.

Set yourself up well now. You will create more peace of mind for you and for those you love. 

Timeline for the Audio Version:

1:30 Plan for tasks that need to happen this week

2:00 Plan for surprises that might take place… which inevitably happen.

2:20 Why not plan for the end of your time in the physical world as well?

3:00 Story about a friend of mine, whose husband had an unexpected heart attack.

3:30 Life insurance had lapsed! No clear will. No medical proxy.

4:15 Make sure those in your life who need to face these things are safe to have a conversation and make a plan.

5:00 You need a will, so your assets go where you want them.

5:45 You can create a will online if you need to do that.
    legalzoom.com and lawdepot.com are examples.

6:20 Give yourself peace of mind, and make your transition easier on those you love. It makes things much easier in a difficult time of change and loss.

7:30 It is fully safe to talk about death. It is a sacred initiation of change that we will all experience.

8:10 You need a living will. Do you even know what that is?

8:30 Make specific decisions about what you prefer when it is your time to transition.

9:00 DNR - You need to make this decision.

9:50 Make informed choices. Tell people what you prefer when there is no pressure. Give others peace by feeling clear about how to please you.

    Ask others as well what they prefer. Healthy communication.

11:15 Emotions are heightened in times of big change. Set yourself up well.

11:50 When there is a clear plan, everyone feels safer.


Have healthy talks. Share your preferences with the people who are closest to you, no matter how old you are. And find out how you can honor others. You will be SO glad you did.


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