EAL 41: The Courage to be an Individual


We live in a world where many seem afraid to stand in the power of their individuality. What does “individuality” even mean? And what are the advantages of living a life fully immersed in individuality?

In today’s episode we will explore how powerful and fulfilling it is to be in touch with your most authentic self. Free to create a life based on what is most important to you is a requirement for true fulfillment. I look forward to sharing some powerful clues for claiming your individuality today!

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version:

1:30 Individuality - someone who stands for what is truly important to them.

2:30 We all need to learn the value of standing up as an individual.

3:00 Governments are not typically practicing individuality. Opposition of sides, based on group or herd consciousness.

4:00 It takes real courage to stand as a real individual.

4:30 We are intended to be encouraged to claim our individuality as children.

5:15 We all need to know that we are safe and that we matter as individuals.

6:25 We need to be encouraged to make choices that make us proud of ourselves.

7:20 We needed to be encouraged into individuality… and we need to encourage others into the safety of their individuality.

8:15 I was never encouraged to trust myself as an individual when I was little.

8:30 Without encouragement, we can end up in self-doubt.

10:00 We all need to wake up now as adults to claim our individuality.

10:30 In order to trust that you matter, you need to claim it for yourself.

12:40 Ron’s college story: inquiring about others’ opinions

13:30 Have you individuated or do you stick with early impressions?

16:00 What moves you about the things you embrace?

17:30 No matter where you are in the world, take time to evaluate where you stand on the issues that are important to you… PRIOR to Election Day!

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