EAL 40: To Flow or to Resist: That is the Question.

I adore when you all ask questions. Today I am answering a couple of your questions. It is so important to understand what creates friction and pain in our lives… and how to resolve those things.

Let’s explore the way life dances with us as individuals. Even the planets play a part in that dance. As an example, many people have learned to fear Mercury retrogrades. Today we will explore the opportunity of planetary retrogrades, as well as how you can set yourself up well.

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1:15 Thanks for sending in your questions!

1:40 Check out my talk on Astrology Hub… which helps us understand the cycles of life.

2:45 Astrology confirmed all of the truths about our lives that I had learned in other ways.

3:15 The challenges of your soul setup is in your natal astrology chart.

4:15 My challenges set me on a path to my deepest life purpose.

5:10 Question: Can you explain retrograde planets and their impact?

6:15 Planets moving in the same direction as Earth encourage us forward in our lives.

6:50 Planets moving in the opposite direction than Earth is in retrograde to us, which creates friction.

8:00 Retrograde encourages us to re-evaluate and prepare for adjustments.

10:30 It is our resistance that creates friction and pain.

11:25 Anywhere we are not flowing with life, we are in resistance.

11:45 Retrograde can teach us what works well and what does not.

13:15 All of these movements are there to serve you.

13:30 Does planetary awakening impact our physical/emotional energy?

14:30 The soul is waiting inside us as untapped potential.

15:45 Your fear, shame and judgment resist movement and change.

17:15 Make sure you know the 9 Nurturing Needs and practice them!

18:10 Planetary energy awakening will either expand you or put you into resistance.

19:10 Swimming against the natural flow of life will wreak havoc in your life.

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